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12 Reasons Homeschoolers Will Love Epic! Reading

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Get Epic!  It is an amazingly awesome reading app that your kids will adore-and so will you!

  • Does your homeschool reading need a boost?
  • Are your kids getting bored with their books?
  • Do your kids love getting on their tablet (or other device)?
  • Are you required to keep a log of reading materials for your homeschool?
  • Do you find it hard to get to the library often enough (or at all!) to add variety to your kids’ reading?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then I just may have the solution for you!!

**Disclaimer:  I am not an affiliate with Epic! and will receive nothing but the sheer satisfaction of sharing this amazing reading opportunity with you! 

What is Epic! reading app? It is described on their website as

Instant access to an unlimited library of amazing children’s books.

We like to think of it as a fun library right at our fingertips!

How did I discover Epic!?

On Pinterest! I was casually browsing through my Pinterest feed and saw a promoted pin for Get Epic!. I was intrigued by the picture of a boy reading on his tablet. I had never heard of this reading app before so decided to check it out.

After looking through the site and seeing their offer of a free trial of one month, I figured why not?

Picture it:  start of summer and my boys are already bored-despite running constantly with sports camps and friends. (Yes, I’m flashing back like Sophia from Golden Girls again!)  No time to stop at the library (I know, I know-should be a priority! What can I say? only so many hours in the day…)

The boys’ reading had tapered off a bit since ending our homeschool year in May. Yes, they were still reading-albeit reluctantly (well, not Professor-but that kid always has his nose in a book!). I knew that we needed something to jump start our “fun reading” (that’s what I call our casual reading).

My mom, a retired Kindergarten teacher, has supplied us with enough books for my younger boys to read for years. My older boys also have a slew of books (happens when your mom is a book junkie!). But, they were all looking for something different-spice things up a bit.

The boys enjoying listening to audio books-on CDs we have or borrowed from library. I love audio books too-especially if I am busy putting Xman down for nap or running like a chicken with its head cut off getting chores down with little time to sit down during the day to read when they want me to.

But, audio books can be pricey! And, as aforementioned, our library visits were become few and far between.

I tend to be apprehensive when purchasing apps or anything tech-related (tech-challenged momma here!). #1 reason-I’m frugal. #2 reason-I’m afraid of what “extra” content will be included.

Also, I am not one to sign up for free trials. I am always afraid of the fine print. Plus, if I don’t like it or just trying for fun, I often forget to cancel-until months later!

So, why did I take the plunge with this reading app? Read below to find out!

12 Reasons Homeschoolers Will Love Epic! Reading App

  1. Unlimited access to thousands of kids’ titles (including audio books!):  With 5ooo+ titles, your kids have a great variety  of books to choose. (No more-there’s nothing here I like! I can’t find anything!)
  2. Epic! Reading App works on iOS, android, and any web browser:  I really like this component! Great if you change services or the like.
  3. Reading log:  Epic! records all books read-even sends you a weekly email to keep you updated! Awesome for homeschoolers like us that need to keep a record for portfolios!
  4. Calculates time read:  You can see how many minutes your child has spent reading. (My boys have started to compete to see who can read the most minutes. I like that type of game!)
  5. Kids earn badges and rewards:  A fun incentive program that helps motivate your kids to keep reading. Your readers can earn stickers and special accessories for their character.
  6. Recommended book lists:  When you complete your reader’s profile, you select topics that typically interest them. Once your child starts to select and read books, titles are added to recommended list based on what has actually been selected.
  7. Each child gets their own password, avatar (they pick!), and profile:  My boys love that they got to select their own avatar (and customize as they earn points!) plus have a password. Bear and Smiley think they are in the big leagues now!
  8. Easy to use and access:  We have had no problems logging on or using. Boys are able to pull up their book quickly and get down to reading! Bear (4 years old) can enter his password and select audio and early reader books on his own.
  9. Easy on eyes:  My oldest only has vision in one eye. His “good” eye can become strained. He finds the option to enlarge font and alter brightness very helpful.
  10. Very helpful customer service:  Initially, I had problems logging onto site. I emailed Epic! and received a prompt response and fix (problem had been due to user error-I had put in wrong password when I signed up!).
  11. Free trial:  Epic! offers families a 30 day free trial. Free. No strings attached.
  12. 3 payment plans to select from when signing up: I like that there is a choice as far as how long to sign up for and cost.

Have you used Epic!? If so, tell us all about it! If not, check it out and make sure to come back here and share your experiences! Here’s what Busy Boys Brigade has to say about Epic! Reading App:


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[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Skipper’ subtitle=’12 years old’ link=’http://’ linktext=”]
Yeah, Epic! is pretty cool. They have some cool books on fishing and sports. I also read a cool book about being a video game designer.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Professor’ subtitle=’10 years old’ link=” linktext=”]
Epic! is so awesome! I have read a lot of books about history and sports. I can always find something good to read on it.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Smiley’ subtitle=’6 years old’ link=” linktext=”]
Reading books on Epic! makes me happy. Scaredy Squirrel is my favorite!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Bear’ subtitle=’4 years old’ link=” linktext=”]
I love listening to books on Epic! They have books about bugs-aren’t they so cute?

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