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13 Ways This Homeschool Soccer Mom Juggles It All!

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Okay, I just have to say:  pun intended for this post title! (Get it? juggles…juggling a soccer ball? If you don’t know what that means, email or message me-we need to talk!!)

I am often asked this simple question:  “How do you do it all?”

This question, which I take as a complement, always baffles me. To be honest, I just don’t do it all!

During a scope (what’s that? live broadcast on Periscope-come join the fun!), I was chatting away with a few other homeschoolers. A good friend, Dianna Kennedy who writes over at The Kennedy Adventures, left a comment that has stuck with me. I will paraphrase what this sweet gal from Kentucky said (because I have mommy brain!):  I don’t believe in balance. Focus on one area, and another area suffers. We can’t do it all!

Amen! Amen! Amen!!!


That’s me juggling a soccer ball back in the day!

Currently, I am:

  • homeschooling 5 boys ages 1-12
  •  coaching youth soccer
  •  soccer taxi/chauffeur to my 4 older boys
  •  assistant teacher in our church’s Good Shepherd program
  •  blogging
  • Periscope schedule
  •  managing tasks of laundry, tossing food into the frenzy of hungry mouths, and designated finder of all lost toys and lovies!

As I have heard many moms say:  Wow! looking at that list makes me tired! You said it, sister!

Working backwards (because it’s fun and I like to save the best for last-Vanesssa Williams song now in my head!), here’s my

13 Ways This Homeschool Soccer Mom Juggles It All:

13. I don’t!

Like I said, I do not have it all together. If it ever appears that I do, it is by the grace of God (hint! hint! keep reading!)


12.  Family Huddle

It is vital for our family to communicate about all activities. My boys need to know what will be happening in the upcoming day, week, month. I use our Morning Gathering time to remind boys of our daily schedule.


11. Training Boys to Take Care of Themselves

As soon as my boys are old enough to participate in activities outside of our home, I show them how to prepare for each event. Preparation of appropriate clothes and equipment is gradually handed over to each boy.

I also stress that my older boys assist my younger boys. Mommy only has so many hands to tie cleats and yank on shin guards!


10. Set Positive Expectations

My boys know what I expect of them in order for them to participate in activities outside of home. All school work and chores must be completed prior to leaving our home. Positive attitudes and cheerful dispositions are expected-tells me that they are capable of handling these “extras”. No grumpy pants here-or activities need to be reevaluated!


9.  Apple Cider & Vinegar

Say what? Where did that come from? I wrote about how this health tonic has tremendously helped me here.


8. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of my new best friends! Oh, how I love to add colors, times, and places. Reminders and convenience on multiple devices are big bonuses too.


7. Letting go

I am a reformed Type A. After 5 boys and multiple obligations, I have just had to learn to let go of perfectionistic tendencies.

I include asking for help in this category. I am an “I can do it all by myself!” type of gal. That type of thinking helps no one in this home. I struggle with asking for help but getting better through #1 on this list!


6. Character Training

My boys have been taught to use manners, help when they see others in need, and generosity. I have used both formal and informal approaches of instilling good moral value in my boys. Although not always perfect with these character traits (who is?), I feel like my boys are cooperative and helpful.


5. Chores

I could never do all that I attempt to do without the assistance of my boys-especially my older two! My oldest prepares meals, cleans, changes diapers, and even gives baths. My 10 year old does most of those tasks too. Such a blessing!

I keep a pretty regular cleaning routine in place. I hope to share my cleaning “system” soon!


4.  Friends

My friends have been such a boost to my energy! When I feel like throwing in the towel, my homeschool friends have given me just what I needed at the time. I have found some of the best women through Homeschool Scopes (homeschoolscopes.tv) and we have grown to become dear friends.

(Okay, now I have another song in my head…The Beatles “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”).


3. Family

I am so blessed to have a positive relationship with my parents and siblings. My mom (you know, that retired Kindergarten teacher I’m always mentioning!) has been such a support for our homeschool and life in general. It is always reassuring to know that I can call her and share whatever is floating through my mind.


2. Husband

Obviously, I couldn’t do any of this without my main man! He works extremely hard to support our family, as well as volunteer in our community. He is my rock, my shoulder to lean on, my best friend.

1. Prayer

God is so good! He is always there for me-no matter what little worry or trouble I have. Seeking Him out first and foremost is the balm this homeschool soccer mom needs!

Prayer-either silently whispered in a time of frustration or or uttered aloud in desperation-always brings the help I need. Regular attendance at Mass (we are a Catholic family), as well as praying the rosary daily, centers me. I have heard others say, “Oh, I don’t have time for church!” Pshaw! If you make time for God, He will make the time for you!

I pray that my 13 ways to juggle it all as a homeschool mom helps you! I would absolutely love for you to share in the comment section how you “juggle it all!”.



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