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21 Reasons Why You & Your Kids Will Love Learn With Homer

why your kids will love Learn with Homer

Learn With Homer is an unique reading and educational app that you and your kids will love. Kids will love the friendly Homer, a sweet pigeon, who encourages and interacts along the learning adventure. Parents will love how their kids (ages 3-8) can learn how to read (and so much more!) independently.

**Disclaimer:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

The Homer Method , developed Stephanie Dua, was formed using the latest research on how children learn to read and increase their knowledge. Children are guided through four proven steps to reading:

  1. Letter sounds (beginning and middle)
  2. Blending sounds
  3. Decoding ((reading)
  4. Encoding (spelling)

    Learn With Homer
    Bear learning to read with Homer!

Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry are presented in child-friendly ways. Vocabulary and critical thinking skills are also introduced. Songs and  nursery rhymes are paired with adorable drawings that capture attention of kids and parents.

Introduced in 2013, Learn With Homer has helped over 1.5 million kids worldwide. As of Fall 2015, Learn With Homer will  be upgraded! Improved navigation and a new interactive themed world are two of the exciting updates that will help families locate the material they need when they want it! Check out these reviews for even more great information!

Before I share just how much Bear (4) and Smiley (6) LOVE this app, I would like to present you with:

21 Reasons Why You & Your Kids Will Love Learn With Homer

  1. Track Progress–Parents can check on child’s progress.
  2. Gallery of Drawings–Your child can save their creations in one place!
  3. “Pigeon Post”–Kids can send e-postcards to family and friends to share their progress.
  4. New Lessons Every Month–With Membership
  5. Surprise Every Saturday–With Membership, your child receives a surprise each week!
  6. Homer Method–4 proven steps to reading (more information here)
  7. Recordings–Your child can record their voice-either practicing letter sounds and reading, or just for fun!
  8. Drawings--Kids are given opportunities to draw their understanding and ideas from stories and songs.
  9. Coloring Pages–Free printable activity packets to help your child to continue their learning-all in one place.
  10. Curated Book Lists–Learn With Homer provides lists of books with descriptions, discussion questions, and options of places to buy online.
  11. Discussion Ideas–Do you ever read a story and can’t think of what to discuss? Learn With Homer helps that struggle with discussion prompts.
  12. Writing Prompts–Along with craft ideas, writing prompts are given that coordinate with stories.
  13. Brain Games–Fun learning games cover math and science concepts like patterns, counting, and more!
  14. Learn to Read–An amazing presentation of letter sounds, blends, and decoding is used to help your kids learn to read while having fun!
  15. My Discover the World–This part of Learn With Homer rocks! Science and history topics are presented in a way that interests and challenges your child.
  16. My Songs & Rhymes–Folk songs, nursery rhymes, and holiday songs are shared with adorable graphics and melodies.
  17. My Storytime–One of my boys favorite areas of Learn With Homer! Homer Stories contains tales presented by Homer himself. Folklore, poetry (which I was shocked to learn how much my boys enjoy!), and First Readers provide kids with opportunities to learn to read and listen to classic tales.
  18. Easy to Navigate–This app is a breeze to navigate! Bear (4) easily zips his way around the app-and finds what he is looking for with no problem.
  19. Fun–Smiley and Bear are having a fantastic time using this app-and learning along the way! They love picking “thinking caps” and earning upgrades (not sure if that’s what they are called but that’s what my boys call them!)
  20. Homeschool Friendly Read this to learn more about how Learn With Homer is fabulous for homeschoolers!  I especially like the part about encouraging independent learning!
  21. Cost–Learn With Homer offers a month for free to try it out (can’t beat free!). If you decide to continue with this amazing learning program, you have the option of a monthly or yearly rate + full membership benefits!

As soon as Bear and Smiley saw Homer, they were hooked! Homer has a sweet voice that provides encouragement. Both boys eagerly explored the app (*note-they are better at a lot of this tech stuff then their mom!) and enjoyed meeting different characters along the way. Bear and Smiley also had a blast taking their own pictures and adding “thinking caps” to customize their looks!

The boys’ first stop was Nursery Rhymes and Folklore-two favorites in our home! I could not tear them away!

Both boys have been begging me to “Homer”. I even had to threaten removing the app if they could not “collaborate” (one of their new favorite words of the week!). Well, they quickly found a way to work together!

Learn With Homer
Smiley watching as Bear plays shapes game

(Psst! I probably shouldn’t share this but it’s too cute…I even caught my two older boys, Captain and Professor, “checking out” Learn With Homer. They wanted to see what all the buzz was about. Professor complained, “Why couldn’t they have had this when I was little?” (because, you know, he’s so old now at age 10!)

Bear has been (and will continue!) to use the First Readers. I like how the lessons are presented and free printable worksheet that correspond are a great bonus!

Bear using First Readers Learn With Homer
Bear using First Readers

My Discover the World is Smiley’s favorite. He told me that he was enjoying learning about Ancient Greece.

Smiley learning about Ancient Greece

Both boys love Brain Games. Educational concepts are presented in the forms of short games that get the boys thinking while they play.

Learn With Homer
Bear playing Brain Games

I did a “scope” of the boys using Learn With Homer. Here’s is the katch.me replay:

Here is our YouTube video (using the above scope!):



Oh, I almost forgot! The great folks over at Learn With Homer shared this 50% off  discount code for one year of membership for you to use:  https://learnwithhomer.com/BLOGLRT3V.

With this 50% off code, the cost breakdown for one month is a little over $3! That’s less than what most books cost!!

Make sure to check out  and follow Learn With Homer at all of the social media sites for updates:

–   Website:  http://www.learnwithhomer.com

–   Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/learnwithhomer

–   Twitter: https://twitter.com/LearnWithHomer

–   Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/LearnWithHomer/

–   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/learnwithhomer

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I am just so excited to share this affordable reading and educational app with you! I pray that it blesses your homeschool-your family!-as much as it has mine!

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