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How To Use 3D Pens To Boost Learning Fun With Kids

Learn how to use 3D pens to boost learning fun with kids. Get tips and ideas on how you can use 3D pens for fun family times and help your kids develop a variety of skills.

3D pens are a fantastic way to boost learning fun with your kids. With a bit of practice and patience, 3D pens add an extra special way to encourage your kids to create using their imaginations. When you use in your homeschool or outside of class with your family, IDO3D Vertical pens are an affordable way to bring 3D creation to your home.

Disclosure:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not required to leave a positive review.

Have you jumped on the latest trend of at-home 3D pens? If not, I highly encourage you to do so! Make sure to check out IDO3D Vertical pens during your research. These 3D pens come in a set that lets you get started right away with your kids for tons of learning fun.

Before I share why my boys and I love these 3D pens, check out these videos for more information:


How To Use These 3D Pens To Boost Learning Fun With Kids

If your kids are like mine, they get geeked out with all the latest and greatest in the tech world. I love to find affordable and effective ways to continue their enthusiasm for learning with quality products. When we incorporate materials that engage and inspire, my boys take off with their imaginations! I love watching their creative skills develop and grow as we learn together with IDO3D Vertical pens.

3D pens are a great way to boost learning fun with your kids! IDO3D pen sets help you get started away on creative activities.
Captain testing the plastic sheet and templates included in IDO3D sets.

There are a variety of ways that you can use these 3D pens with your kids to encourage learning fun. Before you get started, consider your goals for your projects. Do you want to:

  • encourage patience and practice?
  • allow their creative minds to take off?
  • produce projects for art, crafts, or other school areas?
  • develop team building skills as you work with your kids to master a new technique?
  • promote independent learning through planning and completing an individual project?

After you make your decision with what direction you will use these 3D pens with your kids, talk with your family about your goals. Better yet, sit down with your family members and make a plan of action together!

Use 3D pens with your family for a boost to learning fun!
Captain (13) helping Xman (2) use IDO3D pen with 3D building accessories!

My boys and I decided that we wanted to use this special family time to learn about the 3D pen process. Also, we wanted to cultivate team building skills to learn a new technique together. We talked about giving positive support, constructive criticism and collaboration.

I must say that we had a blast watching the above videos and reading more about the 3D  Pens at IDO3D Vertical Pens. We were all inspired to get cracking at 3D creation.

Your whole family will love using 3D pens for a boost to learning fun!
Daddy had to get in on the 3D Pens fun!

A few tips on how to effectively use these 3D pens with your kids:

  1. Learn! Watch the videos and thoroughly read the directions. Go to IDO3D Create 3D for courses with tips and ideas.
  2. Practice! This type of activity takes time to learn, like any great art or craft. Remind your kids that their work might not immediately like those in the videos, but that they can get there with some practice and determination.
  3. Patience! Again, encourage your kids (and yourself!) to take it slow. Believe me, your 3D creations will turn out much better with a slow approach.

My boys pulled out the Star Wars laminated cards that I shared here on Busy Boys Brigade. We had so much fun using the 3D pens on these laminated cards! Just another fun way to use these fantastic pens!

Use your 3D pens on laminated cards for an extra boost to learning fun!
Making a 3D BB-8 with our Star Wars cards.


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Use your 3D pens on laminated cards for an extra boost to learning fun!
For a smooth light saber, we first used the 3D pen without the curing light. Using the light after applying the 3D pen worked like a trick!


Use your 3D pens on laminated cards for an extra boost to learning fun!
2 versions of our 3D Star Wars light sabers

Now that I have you chomping at the bit to get your hands on IDO3D pens, I have even more good news to share! IDO3D Vertical Pens is hosting a GIVEAWAY!!! Go ahead and do a happy dance then enter to win!  3 winners will receive an IDO3D Vertical kit. Fingers and toes crossed that you are one of the lucky winners!

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When you get your IDO3D pens, what will be your goals to help your kids boost their learning fun?

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