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5 Ways 3D Pens Rock For Learning Fun!

AtmosFlare 3d pensDisclaimer:  I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and I was required to post a positive review.

My boys and I were given the fantastic opportunity to review a 3d pen set from AtmosFlare. We have enjoyed using a 3d printer at our local library and jumped at the chance to do 3d printing at home. We are happy to report success with at home 3d printing using AtmosFlare!

AtmosFlare 3d pens


I had wanted to add some type of 3d printing to our homeschool but feared the cost make it out of reach. I was pleasantly surprised this affordable 3d pen set ($29.99 for set, $5.99 for ink refill cartridges). (AtmosFlare 3d pens can be found on their site, Toys ‘R Us, and Best Buy.)  Our set included:

  • 1 AtmosFlare 3d Drawing Pen
  • 1 Blue Ink Refill Cartridge
  • 1 Red Ink Refill Cartridge
  • 1 AA Battery
  • 1 Quick Start Guide

Tutorials demonstrating how to use are available on the site.

I know how expensive the 3d printer at our library was (librarian shared that a wealthy patron donated). I never thought that we would be able to have one for our homeschool. But, AtmosFlare makes 3d printing fun possible at home!

AtmosFlare 3d pens
Captain excited to try AtmosFlare 3d pen

5 Ways AtmosFlare 3d Pens Rock For Learning Fun!

  1. Hands-On–These 3d pens are the ultimate in hands-on learning fun! My boys love manipulating the pen to make their ideas 3d.
  2. Imagination–Kids are given the freedom to create at will. I love watching my boys’ faces light up as the dream up all different types of 3d objects to attempt.
  3. Planning–I think it is important for kids to learn to plan ahead when working on a project. Instead of jumping in without a plan, I encourage my boys to think about and discuss what they want to design. This discussion allows for pros and cons, as well as being realistic.
  4. Creativity–Although having a plan in place is great, it is also awesome to watch them use their creative skills to make their ideas come alive.
  5. Cool!–These 3d pens are just cool! Watching your ideas come to life is thrilling. It allows kids to practice using their hands to create, apply scientific principles, and logical thought processing in a fun way!

AtmosFlare 3d pens


My boys have a few tips for when you use your AtmosFlare 3d pen:

  1. Make sure not to shine the light on your finger if the substance (ink) is on your finger. It will melt and take some effort to get off!
  2. The pen works with a curing light, not heat. Heat is produced, however, after about 5 seconds. (see above!)
  3. To use, pen is squeezed. Squeeze the pen hard and steadily.
  4. To build a vertical object, create a base and then work up.


AtmosFlare 3d pens


Here is a YouTube video of Captain first using the AtmosFlare 3d pen:



Professor using AtmosFlare 3d pen as Captain watches

To find out more about AtmosFlare 3d pens, head over to their site and follow along on social media for updates!






Professor building a cube using AtmosFlare 3d pen

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And don’t miss out on this Instagram fun with iHomeschool Network and AtmosFlare! Follow both to get inspiration for using your AtmosFlare 3d pens!
3d pens hsnet Instagram challenge

What will you make with your AtmosFlare 3d Pen?

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