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9 Ways To Use Glow Sticks For Delightful Learning

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I was inspired to use glow sticks in our homeschool after a quick trip to the Dollar Tree. Scooping up a bunch of glow stick packs (20 for $1!), I just knew I needed to figure out ways to use with my boys. (Especially in time for upcoming Halloween fun!)

Of course, when using glow sticks, you need a dark or at least dim area. We went to our basement playroom and dimmed the lights just enough to see the sticks glow but not trip over our own feet.

I think these ideas would be great if you teach at alternative times of day, like early morning in winter or later in evening. Maybe using glow sticks could be a special reward that your kids get to stay up a bit later and have fun (and learn but I won’t tell if you don’t!)

 9 Ways To Use Glow Sticks for Delightful Learning

  1.  Balloons:  We bent, snapped, and shook the glow sticks. Carefully bending them in half, we inserted into deflated balloon. Making sure the glow stick was at bottom, we blew up balloon and tied.
  2. Counter/Pointer:  Boys used a glow stick to point at and count each balloon.
  3. Conductor Wand:  We sang a few favorite songs and put on the radio. . The boys had fun pretending to lead an orchestra! Also, a glow stick is a fun prop for dancing!
  4. Shapes:  Use glow sticks to practice making shapes.Use glow sticks for a fun way to learn & practice shapes.
  5. Glow Lantern:  Poke holes in a paper towel roll. Use of wax paper secured with rubber band on one end. Insert at least 4 glow sticks into tube. Secure another square of wax paper with rubber band.
  6. Relay Race:  Explain the rules of a relay race and move it! My boys had a blast playing this game. They used a timer and practiced addition and subtraction when comparing times.
  7. Follow the Leader:  Each boy took a turn at being leader. Brothers and Mommy had to follow how they used their glow stick. Great listening and attention practice!
  8. Hot Potato:  We used one of the glow balloons (or as the boys are now calling them glowloons!) as a hot potato. Captain was in charge of the music and we had a lot of giggles trying to avoid the “glowing potato”.
  9. Tally Marks:  I demonstrated with glow sticks how to use tally marks to count. The boys then practiced (and practiced!) tally marks with their glow sticks.

How will you use glow sticks to lead your children in delightful learning?




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