ASL Summer Camp For Family Learning Fun

ASL Summer Camp is a fantastic program for family learning fun. Enjoy this affordable and effective course with your family this summer as you learn ASL (American Sign Language) in this fun and engaging summer camp.

ASL Summer Camp is your ticket to learning fun for your family!

Do you and your kids want to learn ASL (American Sign Language) but not sure where to start?  Looking for a fun way to encourage learning this summer that won’t cause stress?  Searching for a fun family activity that you all can enjoy for years to come?

If you can answer in the affirmative to any of the above questions,
then read on to discover why ASL Summer Camp with Rochelle Barlow will help you rock your {homeschool} summer!
(**I received product for free for review.  I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own.)

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Last Fall, I had the pleasure of working with Rochelle Barlow for Periscope Storytime + ASL.  We had a blast presenting nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and more to families via Periscope broadcast. My boys and I had such fun learning from Rochelle, an ASL interpreter for almost 17 years.  She is dedicated to teacher others how to correctly learn and use ASL.

My boys and I have missed learning along with Miss Rochelle.  When I found out about her ASL Summer Camp, I knew that we would be one of the first families to sign up!  Rochelle has a special way of engaging with your kids and making learning ASL fun.

As I have shared, I like to continue our homeschool learning fun throughout our summer break.  When you make “sneaky” school fun and interesting, your kids don’t even realize that they are keeping those neurons firing over the summer!  I like to keep the learning fun relaxed and as easy as possible for momma!

ASL Summer Camp is a great way for your entire family to have learning fun this summer. All ages can learn & benefit from this course with quality video instruction.
All five boys are mesmerized with ASL Summer Camp!

ASL Summer Camp Is Perfect For The Busy Homeschool Momma!

Although I do like incorporating learning fun into our homeschool summer routine, I do not like having a lot of prep work nor do I want to put on a song and a dance.  I need resources that I can turn to in a flash and quickly implement.

I use our homeschool summer break for evaluating our previous year and planning for our upcoming academic year.  Also, we are busy with trips to the lake, outdoor learning fun, and, of course, soccer!  I just do not have time to put together effective summer learning programs for my boys.

I love ASL Summer Camp because I can fire up my computer, go straight to the course page, and get started.  The boys and I get get right to our lessons for the day and complete activities with ease.  That’s right-summer camp from the comfort of your home!

Prior to starting the course, I printed out these helpful resources included in ASL Summer Camp:

  • ASL Summer Camp Welcome Packet
  • ASL Summer Camp Camper Notebook (99 pages of activities to reinforce lessons)
  • ASL Summer Camp Badge Book
  • BONUS Master the ASL Alphabet workbook (This gem is going in our homeschool treasure chest!)

ASL Summer Camp is fantastic way to have learning fun with your family. All ages can benefit from this ASL course.


8 Reasons ASL Summer Camp Is Perfect For Family Learning Fun

1.  Introduction to ASL & Deaf Culture

Rochelle teaches about ASL plus the history of certain signs.  Also, she explains aspects of deaf culture and why you should or not do signs in a particular way.

ASL Summer Camp is an engaging course for your kids to learn how to correctly sign.

2.  Quality instruction on correctly doing signs

I have tried to learn ASL alphabet from books.  I had absolutely no idea that I was doing some of the signs wrong!  Rochelle demonstrates the correct way to do ASL fingerspelling, signs, and more.

3.  Helpful resources

The ASL Summer Camp Camper’s notebook, video lessons, and Master the ASL Alphabet are invaluable resources to correctly learning ASL with your family.

4.  Incentives

Adorable badges await your kids (and you!) as you work on learning and mastering ASL Summer Camp lessons.

5.  Affordable

At $69, your entire family can affordably learn with ASL Summer Camp.  With this type of effective instruction, you can know what you are investing in quality materials that will really help you learn ASL.  More bang for your buck!

ASL Summer Camp is a fun way to help you & your kids learn American Sign Language.

6.  Not overwhelming

With a 4 days per week schedule, I feel like we have plenty of wiggle room to review concepts and still have fun.  Video lessons are not too long (anywhere from +/- 5-10 minutes) and capture our attention.

7.  Multiple ages

I love being able to use one resource for our entire family!  All of my boys participate in ASL Summer Camp.  We learn so much more when we are able to learn and practice a concept as a family.  Even Xman (2) is having a blast learning ASL!

8.  Fun!!

Rochelle is all about fun!  My boys love learning with her and pay close attention to hear her little jokes throughout the lessons.  Bear (5) asks every morning when we can get start learning with our friend, Miss Rochelle.

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ASL Summer Camp is a four week program designed to help you & your kids learn ASL the right way!


ASL Summer Camp leaderboard

I highly encourage you to pop over to ASL Summer Camp and discover for yourself how this program can help you and your family have tons of learning fun this summer with ASL!

It’s not too late to get started with ASL Summer Camp!  Join Busy Boys Brigade and other families as we have fun learning ASL this summer!




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