2 DIY Crafts For Kids To Brighten Poetry Teatime

Add these two fun & easy crafts for kids for a great way to brighten poetry teatime! Get your kids excited & involved in making their own unique decor to personalize their place setting & make lasting memories.


Have you been hearing more and more about Poetry Teatime?  Wonder how you can add this special type of learning fun to your homeschool?  Want to personalize your current poetry teatime for you and your kids?

Discover how our all-boy homeschool has embraced this relaxed approach to studying poetry and more.  Plus, find out how we have created unique pieces of decor that brighten our poetry teatime, as well as have the bonus effect of developing focus and attention skills.

As I have shared, Poetry Teatime has become a highlight of our homeschool week.  My boys and I highly anticipate this magical time when we all come together, partake of a tasty treat (which on busy weeks entails a box of vanilla wafers), sip on a delightful beverage (Professor and I drink tea; the other boys prefer lemonade), and listen to poems, short stories, or reader’s choice.[bctt tweet=”2 DIY #Crafts For Kids To Brighten @poetryteatime #ihsnet” username=”busyboysbrigdade”]

At times, we have it all together and our poetry teatimes are organized and well-planned, with special themes and decor.  In crazy seasons of our family life (a. k. a. soccer season from h-e-double hockey sticks), poetry teatime looks more like a mishmash of books, tea cups, and plates (with the occasional stuffed animal, toy car, or game thrown in the mix).

No matter what time of day or if Mommy bakes a homemade batch of brownies or unwraps a graham cracker pouch, poetry teatime is a special occasion.

I just have to share our favorite poetry teatime resource, Poetry Teatime Companion.  This brilliant work, written by Julie Bogart and Nancy Graham, is so easy to use and filled with 52 wonderful poems to be enjoyed throughout the year.  Extra tidbits about the poet plus questions for discussion fill our poetry teatime and mean one less thing for this busy mom to plan!

Setting The Stage: An Inviting Poetry Teatime Atmosphere

There are times when I literally have had a few mere minutes to organize our poetry teatime.  There is a whole lot of hustle and bustle at this point.  Orders are cheerily barked out.  The chitter chatter of five boys rises to a crescendo as they clear and set our table, pass out the some of the “good” plates (an assortment of China passed down or collected over the years), and shine with the excitement of hearing and discussing poetry.  (A feat unto itself!)

On days when our schedule is packed or our day doesn’t go quite as expected, we still try to have poetry teatime.  We all look forward to it so much and know that even a few minutes will brighten our day.  Also, it helps us slow down and embrace the moment.

As with most kids, my boys thrive with consistency.  They like knowing what to expect and how things will be.  Consistency is especially vital during our hectic days with soccer practices, games, and errands.

I had a nice chat with the boys about why they enjoy poetry teatime so much.  One of their reasons was having the opportunity to use the “good” plates.  It feels important and looks nice. They know that when those plates come out during the day that they can expect poetry teatime.  (Oh, a bit of conditioned response!  I love to bring up ideas from my psychology years!)

Have fun with these 2 easy DIY crafts for kids to brighten poetry teatime. Learn more about how this special time can be used to study poetry & much more. Get your kids involved & help them personalize their poetry teatime experience.


2 DIY Crafts For Kids To Brighten Poetry Teatime

Considering their responses, I thought that it would be fun to create unique decor pieces to brighten our poetry teatimes.  It would be fabulous to make custom works that the boys could identify as their own.  Also, I knew that a candle would add a special touch that would give them a focal point to concentrate on during the reading and discussion.

Many poetry teatime families use candles to add a touch of warmth and delight.  There is something magical about the lighting of a candle to signify an important moment or event.  My boys and I have enjoyed making beeswax candles for years now.  That activity instantly came to mind!

For a custom touch to their poetry teatime settings, I found these wood candle cups.  We used paint this time (yes, the boys are already asking to make more!).  In the future, we hope to add markers, wood burning (for the older boys), and wood stain to this activity.

DIY decor like beeswax candles & wood candle cups add a special touch to poetry teatime.


1.  DIY Beeswax Candles With Kids

I owned an organic soy candle business before boy #3.  I loved creating and using these all-natural products (so much so that I plan on starting up again-with the addition of beeswax!) for family, friends, and customers.  When my boys were old enough, I couldn’t wait to teach them the simple activity of rolling beeswax sheets into candles.

I give a step-by-step tutorial with tips in How To Make Beeswax Candles With Kids.  We got out our candle making supplies and had a jolly time forming the beeswax into beautiful decor.  This activity is great for toddlers through teens!  We were able to make 4 decent size beeswax candles with just one sheet.

DIY beeswax candles are a fun & easy way to brighten poetry teatime.
Here’s Captain setting the wick and starting to roll his beeswax candle.

2.  Fun & Easy Wood Candle Cups

Many craft stores have wood candle cups and other accessories to customize for use with candles.  We used 1″ x 1 3/4″ size which gave plenty of space for the boys to decorate and personal-size candles.  The boys chose paint colors and got to work.

DIY beeswax candles & wood candle cups are a great activity for toddlers to teens to brighten poetry teatime.
Xman is having so much fun painting his wood candle cup!

*Use these tips to safely use your DIY candles:

  • Never leave a candle unattended.  Extinguish and make sure flame is completely out before leaving the room.
  • Always have adult supervision.  Talk with your kids about fire safety and appropriate use of and behavior around candles.
  • If you have little ones, consider placing candles in center of table or on high shelf away from curious hands.
  • To stabilize beeswax candle in wood candle cup, use a bit of aluminum foil to secure bottom of candle.
  • Find more candle use safety tips at National Candle Association.
DIY beeswax candles in unique wood candle cups are a great way to brighten poetry teatime.
Professor is checking how his beeswax candle burns in his wood candle cup.


You can use candle making and usage as a way to talk about fire safety. Consumer Safety shared this fun game to use with your kids as a free printable.  It is based on “Simon Says”.  Hope it helps you and your family! Click on image below for your free fire safety game printable!

thumbnail of firefighter-says


Hope these 2 DIY Crafts For Kids To Brighten Poetry Teatime help you
rock your homeschool-with poetry teatime!


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