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Celebrate our Catholic Christian faith with me! Saintly Inspiration, crafts & activities for kids, writing prompts, and more!

Fruits of the Spirit Mini-Unit Study + Thanksgiving Countdown

With the upcoming holiday season (which can quickly turn to chaos here!), I thought about what we could do in our homeschool to prepare. All the hustle and bustle can easily produce a regression in attitudes and behaviors (and for the boys too!).  What could this busy homeschool mom do to help her family survive the […] Read more…

Teach the Sign of the Cross Necklace Craft

  This frugal and fun craft is an easy way to teach children how to do the Sign of the Cross.  All materials are common household items-cardboard, yarn, markers, and stickers.  Catholic children are frequently exposed to the Sign of the Cross but often have a hard time figuring out the proper sequence (at least […] Read more…