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Don't let all those awesome homeschool printables sit in your downloads folder! You CAN afford to print freebies & resources for your homeschool. Find out what I am using to help me save money & provide my homeschool with helpful printables.

Easy Way To Save Money on Your Homeschool Printables

  I love finding ways to save money for our homeschool.  As a modern homeschooler, I feel blessed that so many amazing resources are available to help me homeschool my boys.  Free printables and incredible printable resources provide our family with invaluable tools to home educate. The only problem that I have with all those printables […] Read more…

5 Reasons to Love this Hands-On History Curriculum

History is a beloved subject in our homeschool.  My boys and I love to explore different ways to learn about our past.  Our favorite approach has always been using a hands-on history curriculum to engage and excite. I was as excited as Archimedes discovering water displacement (“Eureka!”) to have the opportunity to use and review […] Read more…

Check out these 2 amazing history books from Native American perspective.

2 Amazing History Kids Books From Native American Perspective

  I love using quality books that provide an informative perspective.  Books with the power to engage and explain through illustrations and stories help my family look at the world with a bigger lens. Books with a multicultural perspective cultivate empathy and appreciation of people in different cultures and lifestyles.  These skills are essential in the development […] Read more…

Rock Your Health: The Game Plan

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” January first is fast approaching and I want you all to be successful in your commitment to health.  Don’t let your plan die two weeks into the new year. A large reason this happens is because we have a tendency to make unreasonable goals and be […] Read more…

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