Christian Economics Curriculum To Help Your Homeschool Teen


Learn more about this resource on Christian economics to help your homeschool teen. Curriculum by Institute for Faith, Work & Economics will help you teach your homeschool teens how to be good stewards of their money and time.

As a Catholic Christian homeschooler, I want to make sure that I am helping my boys learn according to our values.  Homeschooling affords us with the freedom to educate our children while instilling our beliefs, as well as important life skills.  Resources that instruct and reinforce these Christian principles are invaluable and essential to our homeschool and our family.

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Our oldest boy, Captain (13), will be starting 8th grade level work next Fall.  He has started to earn money through refereeing soccer games and doing chores for others.  Also, as part of a family agreement for getting our new puppy, Cooper, Captain is partially responsible for food and vet costs for our dog (and his crested gecko).

Captain has always been one to never let money burn a hole in his pocket.  As soon as he earns or is given money, Captain looks for ways to spend it.  While this habit was not a concern when he was younger, Coach and I recognize the need to help Captain learn to be a better steward of his moneWe also understand the importance of helping our 4 younger boys learn the importance of using your money and time wisely.  Coach and I try to be good examples by volunteering for church and community activities.  Additionally, we work hard to save and be frugal with our finances.

Our family has tried a few different allowance systems but none have stuck.  I was the one in charge of such systems and flake out.  I love to make charts to allot chores but these approaches often get dropped with inconsistency.

Coach and I regret not establishing a consistent allowance system to help our boys learn about maintaining their money.  One of our family goals is to devise an approach that will be effective for our family.  We recognize the need to customize the approach according to age of each child (2, 5, 7, 11, 13).  We also want to teach all our boys why it is important to wisely use money and time.  I knew that I would need help in learning how to teach our kids a Christian approach to economics.

Check out this Christian economics curriculum for homeschool teens. Fantastic resources for helping your teens (and yourself!) be better stewards of money and time.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to read and use Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking  by Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE).  This course is designed as a high school homeschool elective.  I chose to do it with Captain because, honestly, I have zero background in economics.  Perfect opportunity to learn alongside my child!

Christian Economics As A Family

When we first received Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking, I was a bit overwhelmed.  There are a few concepts that my brain shuts down for:  sewing, technology, and business.  Try as I might, my brain does not like to cooperate with me in these areas!

After a bit of a panic (“How would I ever be able to learn this-let alone teach this-with my child?”) and pep talk from Coach, I sat down and got to work.  I was completely shocked.  For the first time in my life, I was starting to understand economics!

I read ahead so I would be prepared when Captain and I began working together on the course.  I found myself staying up late, fascinated with how easily concepts were fitting together with the explanations given in Common Sense Economics, the required text for this course.  This business-challenged momma felt her confidence building!

I could see how the Twelve Key Elements of Economics discussed in the book play out in our lives.  Now that I understood, I found myself applying these ideas in homeschool lessons and real life with my boys. Slowly, our family is making positive changes to our approach to finances and time management.

Common Sense Economics is the required text for this Christian economics curriculum by IFWE.

Christian Economics Course For My Homeschool Teen

As stated, Captain will be entering 8th grade.  I have no intention of him completing this course for high school credit.  Our goal is to slowly work through this book to help him grasp basic economic principles from a a Christian perspective.  In addition to this goal,  we will be reinforcing these concepts presented in the course:

  • Basic economic principles
  • Time management
  • Using our gifts from God to contribute to community and family
  • Decision making for the good of God and his creation
  • Understanding of economics based on Biblical principles
  • How understanding of economic principles can be helpful in making choices in life

You can see a sample of the types of lessons in Biblical Foundations for the Economic Way of Thinking in these free lesson downloads.  These samples include a 30% off discount code for your use.

This Christian economics course has given my homeschool teen and me fantastic opportunities to discuss important life choices.  During our discussion about opportunity costs, for example, we talked about why it is important to make wise choices in what we do with our time.  It opened the conversation to talk about using free time for researching the start of a small business (landscaping) instead of playing video games.

The most important benefit, thus far, from working on this course has been the change in attitude towards money and time for Captain and myself.  It has helped our family give Captain the jump start he needed in thinking about what he wants to do with his life-and how he is going to get himself there.

Our homeschool (and family) has not touched upon these practical applications for successful life skills.  We have focused primarily on core subjects as we have found our homeschool confidence.  Having a few years homeschool experience under our belt, as well as boys entering the tween and teen years, this Christian economics course comes at the perfect time for us. We are ready to incorporate invaluable lessons to help our children become Christian stewards of their money, time, and life choices.

My teen is learning so much from this Christian economics curriculum by IFWE.

Check Out This Christian Economics Course!

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