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Review: Crate Expectations Makes Craft Time Easy!

Disclaimer:   I received this product for review. All opinions are honest.
I was not required to post a positive review.

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Busy Boys Brigade loves our craft time! My boys and I have such fun creating artwork and projects for our home and gifts. As much as I love to create plans for our crafts, time limitations sometimes force me to use prepared kits.

To get these craft kits, I often go to large arts and crafts stores. The problem with this attempt at a solution is that even more of my time is wasted to and from the store. Also, taking all 5 boys into an arts and crafts stores is like wrangling 5 bulls in a china shop!

Online shopping has become my go-to for great deals-and not having to deal with crowds. Also, there is something special about receiving a package at home. I don’t know who gets more excited when hearing the UPS truck enter our drive way for an eagerly anticipated package-the boys or myself!

young boy wearing mask with feathers
Smiley wearing his Mardi Gras mask made with Crate Expectations


Through a friend on iHomeschool Network (Jessica at Smartter Each Day!), I heard about Crate Expectations, available at The Lighted Branch on Etsy. I had to check out her ready-to-build craft kits! My intrigue led me to her shop and contacting her about this opportunity to review.

Before I gush about Crate Expectations, let me gush about Mary Ann. She is a dear soul who is incredibly friendly and easy to work with. Not only did she check in with me about receiving the products, but she made sure that I was aware of her YouTube tutorials for further assistance. Mary Ann is definitely the type of business owner that I want to support.

I actually squealed with delight when my boys and I opened our box of Crate Expectations goodies. (I really should have had one of the boys film me-would have been hysterical!)  I just could not believe all that was included in our Winter Crate.  Here is the adorable letter that Mary Ann included (plus a few of the crafts the boys made):


I took some time to look through each of the 10 ready-to-build craft kits. I handed a few over to my oldest (13) who found the written directions easy to follow and use with his younger brothers. Check out one of The Lighted Branch’s YouTube tutorials here:


Another feature that our entire family enjoyed were 4 Winter Fun Lists. Our Winter Crate had:

  1. Winter Bucket List
  2. Winter Snapshot Scavenger Hunt
  3. Winter Chatter Card
  4. List of Winter Holidays

Our chatty family doesn’t usually have a hard time coming up with conversation around the dinner table. We did, however, find the Winter Chatter Card to be lots of fun and sparked guided conversation (instead of goofy jokes quickly ensue).

We are using the List of Winter Holidays during our Homeschool Morning Gathering. The boys and I enjoy reading about and discussing what special day it is and how we may incorporate into our day.

craft supplies for winter fun
Some of the lists and materials (plus completed crafts) from one Crate Expectations kit


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5 crates will be available in 2016. For more information on prices and special deals (discounted price on annual subscription program is awesome!), go to:



[email protected]

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