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How A Dance Party Saved Our Homeschool!

How a Dance Party Saved Our Homeschool?!? You may be a bit perplexed as to how a dance party in one’s home could “rescue” a homeschool. Be patient with me, grab a cup of your favorite beverage (I got some coffee right now!), and hear our story.  I share our story with you because I would love to help you continue on your homeschool path!

Picture it: Busy Boys Brigade home, 4 years ago. (Okay, I just totally imagined Sophia from The Golden Girls! I don’t think I look like her quite yet…)  We embarked on our learning adventure at home through a local cyber school. Bear was but a wee thing, only a few months old. Skipper and Professor were enrolled and trudging through their school work. Smiley was, well, smiley.

We had not really been prepared to start homeschooling (although I always felt called!). We had done a quick enrollment with cyber school because I had no idea what I was doing! (And I’m not like all you with-it mommies who can whip up a curriculum and organize supplies in a snap-teach me!)

It felt like the blind leading the blind. Coach had absolutely no clue and I was just trying to orient myself with the technological aspects of cyber school. (And, if you know me, you know that I am slightly grossly technologically challenged!)  We had some excellent cyber school staff help but my stress level continued to rise nonetheless (I just love that word-don’t you?).

Skipper and Professor were getting frustrated because Mommy did not have enough arms to carry Bear, keep Smiley entertained, and jump back and forth between laptops (given to us by cyber school!) that were glitching right and left. Mommy was getting frustrated for all the above reasons + lack of sleep, household duties beckoning, etc.

Well, Professor had a melt down. And, when I say melt down, I mean literally melting onto the floor into a big ol’ heap of sobbing hysterics. Skipper picked up on the vibes and lost it in his own way (slamming his pencil down and exiting the room). Baby Bear picked up on their cues and started to fuss. Smiley, well, he kept smiling because that’s what Smiley does, God Bless his big heart!

I calmed Baby Bear down, scooped Professor off the floor, motioned for Smiley to follow, and found Skipper in our “big room” (we have such creative names for the rooms of our home-“blue couch room” which has a blue couch, “big room” which is our great room and our biggest room).

He was lying prone on one of our couches.

We all declared pretty much at the same that WE WERE DONE! We did not think we could continue to homeschool. It was too much! We were stressed, frustrated, upset…you get the picture.

As we all vented, I said a little prayer, just asking God is this it? Was ending homeschool in His plans for us? I knew that I did not want to stop homeschooling, but felt exhausted. I prayed and asked God what to do.

Almost immediately, I felt inspired to turn on some tunes! My boys have inherited my love of dance-just goofy, interpretative, fun dance. I turned on the radio and blasted the first song the tuner landed on (wish I could remember which one it was!).

I had Baby Bear in my arms and just stated dancing away. Smiley, of course, jumped in with his usual enthusiasm. Skipper and Professor looked at me with skepticism-and then started to giggle.

They jumped up and started to dance with us! We laughed and danced and just let it all go! It was awesome!

Now, why hadn’t I thought to do that before? My boys are no strangers to impromptu dance parties in our home.

I’ll tell you why-I let my homeschool fears and stress get the best of me. I didn’t seek God first and ask for His guidance.

Moral of the story:  if you are having difficulties, stress, anxiety, in your homeschool (or just in your home-you don’t have to be a homeschooler to benefit from this!), seek God first (bet you thought I was going to say have a dance party!)

Is a dance party going to solve every homeschool’s problems? Heavens, no!

But, God can! Seek Him out in prayer and ask Him to show you what to do. Ask Him to place people in your life who will inspire, support, help.

If you are in need of some major homeschool stress relief, my  #1 answer to you will always be:  Seek out God! Pray!

But, you came here for some other ideas and tips on saving your homeschool. Here’s a short list of ideas:

  1. Sing!:  Any old song will do! Belt out some tunes and have a few belly laughs in the process.
  2. Go outside!:  Get some fresh air and just play.
  3. Separate!:  take some time away from each other. Go to different rooms.
  4. Come together!:  do something fun together! play a game, tell jokes, watch a movie.
  5. Go on a field trip!:  Maybe you need out of the house? Change of scenery may be just the ticket!
  6. Look at your curriculum!:  Is it working for your homeschool?
  7. Look at your approach to your curriculum!:  Are you organized? Do you follow through? Do you freak out if every little check isn’t marked? Consider how you are affecting your homeschool.
  8. Look at your kids!:  Are they on board with your homeschool approach, curriculum? Behavior issues?
  9. Look at your home!:  Are you getting overwhelmed with chores? Stressing over piles of laundry and dishes? Where can your kids help? What do you need to get done now to help you save your homeschool? Take a break from school work and get it done!
  10. Look at your support system!:  Who do you have to support you in your homeschool journey? Have you found a homeschool mentor, co-op, or organization that you can turn to in this moment of desperation?

I am sure there are a gazillion other ways to save your homeschool!  If you have been down this road before and have insight to share, please do so in our comment box! I will gladly add all tips and tricks to help other homeschoolers stick with it!

Take it from this homeschooling soccer mommy to 5 boys-seeking God first in all your homeschool needs will be the biggest blessing you could ever imagine!

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