Day 1: Homeschool Morning Gathering Series-Why Morning Gathering Will Optimize Your Homeschool Day

Slow start to the day…

A common challenge with homeschooling is simply starting the day!  Homeschool families often have multiple kids who have multiple needs.  Morning time (at least with my brigade!) can swing from basically laying like a log on the couch to hurdling over misplaced toys to laying prone on the floor (& if you guessed that’s often Mommy-you are right!).

Loads of laundry smile up at me, taunting me with their presence.

Making sure all my boys have been fed & are accounted for (who doesn’t love running outside in bare feet at 7am?).

Hearing the melodious sound of a bin of Legos being dumped out because they need to build “just one more turbo cruiser!”.
Chores beckon.

Stalling ensues-by boys and mommy (hey, that cup of coffee isn’t going to drink itself!).

And our homeschool day would start later & later.  Not good in a house where we are all up bright & early-and wasting our valuable time.

Solution…Morning Gathering!

How did we solve this problem?  Morning Gathering!!  I honestly do not know what we did before this (oh yeah I do-wasted time!).
Morning Gathering has allowed our homeschool day to get a positive start to a productive day.  My boys are actually working together-and pleasantly I might add.  We are covering a range of concepts that typically were getting overlooked.  The best part of it all-it only takes about 20 minutes & then we all move onto to core subjects.

What is Morning Gathering?  Well, it’s my version of morning meeting.  My mom is a retired Kindergarten teacher & has shared countless tips with me that have totally helped with our homeschool.  The best tip: how to use the first part of the day to establish a positive, effective period to begin our learning time. 

Morning Gathering is when my boys & I come together after breakfast, getting dressed, and chores.  It is a time for us to regroup & prepare ourselves through prayer, devotion, and learning.



What can you expect from this Morning Gathering Series?

Day 1.  Why will it optimize your homeschool day

Day 2.   How to set up a Morning Gathering for your homeschool (specialize for your needs/goals)

Day 3.  Materials for setting up a Morning Gathering

Day 4.  Tips to setting up a Morning Gathering (things to think about, plan ahead of time)

Day 5.  Using Evernote to set up your Morning Gathering

Day 6.  Fantastic Resources for Morning Gathering (books, websites, Pinterest)

Day 7.  Free Morning Gathering Printables

So, just why will Morning Gathering optimize your homeschool day?

You will be more organized, prepared, and motivated.  You will establish a routine that helps you & your kids know what to expect and when.  Morning Gathering will help you begin your day with knowing you have already accomplished so much in such little time!

New concepts can be introduced & reinforced.  This time can also be used to review.  Morning Gathering is a fantastic time to play some “brain warm-up” games to get everyone thinking and motivated.

Maybe your kids need a bit of a jolt in the morning-and could benefit from some fun, movement activities?  Or maybe your kids need a bit of a calm down-and could benefit from some quiet, centering activities?  If your homeschool is anything like my brigade, it’s a mix of both-and that’s what is beautiful about Morning Gathering…it can be what you want, when you need it!

So, make sure to tune in (log on? read up? not sure what the blog term…) to learn how you can establish Morning Gathering in your homeschool!

hangin-with-my-peeps-bbb(I just couldn’t resist this pic!  Boys got these blue Peeps for Easter & this was my 1st thought…scary, I know!)

And what do the Busy Boys Brigade have to say about this series?

Skipper :  That’s cool, Mom.  But, like, can we have donuts for breakfast to celebrate?

Professor:  (Silence.  His nose is in a book & he is oblivious to the world around him.)

Smiley:  Mommy, you are the best & have the best ideas.  Can I give you a warm hug?

Bear:  Once upon a time, there was a great & marvelous Mommy who came up with the best ideas…

X man:  Mama!

For even more ideas and tips on Morning Gathering, Follow me on Pinterest!  Here’s my Pinterest board on Morning Gathering: Follow busyboysbrigade's board Morning Gathering on Pinterest.

Thanks for checking out this Morning Gathering series.  I look forward to sharing these ideas with you.  Share here how you create a productive start to your homeschool day!

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