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Elementary Music Appreciation In Your Homeschool

Elementary Music Appreciation HomeschoolDisclaimer:  I received this product for free for review. I was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review.

The inclusion of music appreciation into our homeschool has always been important to me. I want my boys to be exposed to a wide range of musical history and genres. I want to nurture a love of music and help them discover lifelong favorites.

We have dabbled here and there with listening to classical music but did not really follow a specific curriculum. I am no music expert by far and felt that our homeschool needed some type of structure to our study of music. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to use and review Zeezok Publishing’s Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades: Book 1.


Zeezok music appreciation homeschool


I knew as soon as I opened our set that this music appreciation curriculum was going to be a tremendous blessing to our homeschool! I would be learning right along with my boys-and that Zeezok made it so much easier for us to include music study into our homeschool day.

Zeezok music appreciation
Professor reading biography on composer, Joseph Hadyn

Music Appreciation That Mom & Kids Will Love

  1.  Suggested Schedule:  The Student Activity book lists a suggested weekly lesson outline. I love the ability to just pick up this book and start a lesson, especially on busy days.
  2.  Flexible:  The weekly lesson outline gives suggestions. You decide how many pages to read each day and what activity to do. This aspect is quite helpful on days when our schedule is packed with errands, activities, and play time.
  3.   Easy To Use:  Again, the weekly lesson outline makes it so simple to complete each day, even plan ahead.
  4. Adaptable for Grades K-6:  Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades: Book 1 was created for grades K-6. I love when I can combine age levels in our homeschool. It simplifies our schedule and I feel less stressed. Also, all of my boys (from 1-13) help each other learn so much more when together.
  5. Composer Biographies:  You come to know the 7 composers presented in this music set. Through an engaging story, each composer comes to life. Historical and geographical facts, as well as character qualities, are highlighted.
  6. To Be Used Over 2 Years:  This program is laid out for use over a period of two years. For the amount of information and time of use, this music appreciation program is an outstanding value.
  7. Hands-On:  The set includes a Music Appreciation Lapbook CD. These printables coordinate with suggested lapbook ideas in the Student Activity Book. Great way to incorporate a variety of concepts in relation to a composer into one learning activity.
  8. Meets National Benchmarks for Music Appreciation:  The Student Activity book denotes activities that are required to meet national music appreciation standards with *.
  9. Music Appreciation Music CDs:  These CDs include works from each composer and enrich the total learning experience. I find that it is so much easier to put on a CD  and sit back with my boys instead of fumbling through YouTube links like we were.
  10. We all love it!  I have not had one complaint, moan, or groan when I bring out this set during our Morning Gathering time. We use it each day and have all enjoyed learning Tidbits of Interest about a composer’s life and answering comprehension questions together.


Zeezok music appreciation
Professor working in Music Appreciation Student Activity book


Zeezok music appreciation
We just wrapped up our study of Hadyn. Looking forward to learning more about music appreciation with this set!


I encourage you to check out Zeezok Publishing’s Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades: Book 1.
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elementary music appreciation homeschool


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I pray that this Music Appreciation by Zeezok Publishing blesses your homeschool. If you entered to win, best of luck!

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