3 Easy Crafts for Kids for Father’s Day Fun!

My friends, Father’s Day is right around the corner!  Are you ready?  What do you have planned for the special man (or men-we celebrate uncles, grandfathers, great-grandfathers too!) in your life?

I like to help my boys make homemade gifts when possible.  I just think that it makes it more personalized plus I think it teaches my busy boys an important lesson.  We talk about the gift recipient and what they might like best.  Doesn’t hurt that it keeps them occupied for a bit, too!

DIY Mugs by Kids

To make something special for Daddy, the boys decided that they wanted to make DIY mugs.  I scanned Pinterest (one of my great loves!) and found some great pins (make sure to check out and Follow my Pinterest Board at the end of this post!) with easy instructions.

I liked their idea because even my little X man (15 months old) could contribute (scribbles are encouraged with this craft!).

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We bought our supplies at Walmart.  Normally, I like to find coupons for Michaels and shop there for pricier arts and crafts items (the oil-based paint Sharpies were about $13 for 5) but we were running out of time and Mommy was running out of patience on our errands day (happens all too frequently while doing errands with 5 buys boys…but I digress!) I figure we can use them for future projects (make sure to SUBSCRIBE NOW! to keep updated) so the cost was worth it.

Boys selected 3 plain white mugs that were a little more than $1 each.  We came home and washed them with soap and water.  After the mugs dried, the boys got to work!

DIY Mug With Cross. Easy & fun craft-perfect as a Father's Day gift.

Materials for DIY Mugs by Kids:

After the paint dried, I put them on a baking sheet and into a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  I let them cool and they were done!

The boys decided that they wanted to try to put a cross on one mug.  We cut scotch tape (to make the ends even) and arranged on mug in shape of a cross.

DIY mug with cross craft for Father's Day. Using scotch tape.


I tried to edit the above picture so you could see the clear tape on the white mug.  After the tape cross was affixed, the boys chose red, yellow, and blue paint pens to do a dot design.  This is how their mug turned out.


Finished DIY cross mug-one of 3 easy & fun ways to show love this Father's Day.


Here is another image of with all 3 mugs.  The boys had such fun creating these DIY Mugs for their daddy!


DIY Father's Day mugs with cross craft. Easy & fun!

The middle mug is Skipper’s creation.  He put a Dad’O Meter that shows how awesome Coach is (100) compared to other dads (who are at about 48).  I thought this was so cute!

Professor used another approach.  He wanted DAD on his mug so used pencil to trace those letters on old sticker labels.  He cut them out and placed on mug.  Then, Professor used the paint markers to color around.  Pretty cool!

1st Place Dad-one of my boys' mugs for Daddy. Made using DIY frugal tips on this DIY fun for kids.

High Five Hand Print Cards

The boys decided that they wanted to make homemade cards for their daddy, uncles, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers (yes! we are very blessed to still have 2 great-grandfathers with us!).

We thought that using hand prints would be fun.  Instead of paints, the boys got out our stamp pads.  We cut paper to 12″ x 12″.

What a blast!  All the boys (except Bear-he is going through a period of “not soiling his hands”-so we traced his hand with marker) enjoyed pressing their hands into the stamp pad.  They were fascinated with their hand prints!

We decided to fold the paper into squares (after it dried of course!).  The boys decided that this phrase would work:

High Fives for the BEST _______!

We also labeled each hand print with their names and added a ♥ ____ Family.

High fives cards using stamps and hand prints for adorable card!

Fast and Easy Cork Lid Coasters

One more craft…we did this one last month in eager anticipation of Father’s Day!  Fast and Easy Cork Lid Coasters!  Check out this post to read more here!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope these Father’s Day DIY ideas help you prepare to celebrate your special man (men!)!!

Please leave a comment below-share here how what your family does for Father’s Day!


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