Friday Printables Link-Up Party #2

Yippety-skippety! Last week’s Friday Printables Link-Up Party was fun! Thanks for stopping by over the holiday weekend-and I’m so glad you could make it again.

I hope that this link-up party catches on so please share with your friends.  Bloggers, link-up parties help you!  Make sure to share your family-friendly printables for all to enjoy.

As promised, a printable that one of you share will be featured.  Our very first featured printable comes from Shelley of There’s No Place Like Home.  Check out her Free 12-Week Greek Mythology Unit Study.


Super exciting announcement!  Jen of Practical, By Default is joining our link-up party!  Let’s give her a warm welcome and hop on over to say hello.  Mingling (a.k.a. comments in blogging world) are what makes a party great, right?

I encourage you to follow your Friday Printables Link-Up Party hosts.  They are not only fabulous gals, but share amazing content that you will not want to miss!

Amy Milcic~Rock Your Homeschool

Jenn Roberts~Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling

Jen Mackinnon~Practical, By Default

Friday Printables Link-Up Party is the place to share & find family-friendly printables.

(If you are interested in becoming a co-host,
please contact Amy at [email protected])

Friday Printables Link-Up Party #2

Okay, here are a few basic rules to keep all of you rowdy bloggers and moms in place.  (I’m totally kidding here. I have a special sort of sarcasm.)

  1. Family-friendly posts with printables only!  I do not want to see any filth and nothing scary (especially no zombies-they freak me out!).  Let’s keep it PG, maybe PG-13 rated.
  2. Share new posts with printables or those posts that need a little love.
  3. For every printables post that you leave, visit another and share or comment.
  4. Friday Printables Link-Up Party starts Fridays midnight ET and closes Sundays at 9 pm ET.
  5. Now, here is where the fun really begins!  When the link-up closes, come back & vote for your favorite printables post.
  6. The printables post with the most votes will be featured in the next week’s link-up.
  7. All printables posts will be shared by hosts on social media.
  8. It’s great meeting others who enjoy printables like we do.  Please take a moment and introduce yourself in the comments below so we can all get to know each other.  This is a party after all!Friday Printables Link-Up Party is a great place to share & find printables for home, school, homeschool, financial, planning, blogging, & more!


Share Friday Printables Link-Up Party!

We will love you forever & ever!  Plus, the more eyes we get on your favorite printable, the greater chance that it will be featured next week.

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When link-up party closes on Sunday night, use this tweet to let everyone know you voted for your favorite printable!

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Thanks so much for stopping by & checking out Friday Printables Link-Up Party!

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