Friday Printables Link-Up Party #3

WooHoo!  Friday Printables Link-Up Party is picking up steam! Let’s keep the good times going & share more printables!

We want this link-up party to catch on so please share with your friends.  Bloggers, link-up parties help you!  Make sure to share your family-friendly printables for all to enjoy.

As promised, a printable that one of you share will be featured.  This week’s featured printable post comes from Forest of Kingdom First Homeschool.  Check out her Free Word Family Printables!


I encourage you to follow your Friday Printables Link-Up Party hosts.  They are not only fabulous gals, but share amazing content that you will not want to miss!

Amy Milcic~Rock Your Homeschool

Jenn Roberts~Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling

Jen Mackinnon~Practical, By Default

Friday Printables Link-Up Party is the place to share & find family-friendly printables.

(If you are interested in becoming a co-host,
please contact Amy at [email protected])

Friday Printables Link-Up Party #3

Okay, here are a few basic rules to keep all of you rowdy bloggers and moms in place.  (I’m totally kidding here. I have a special sort of sarcasm.)

  1. Family-friendly posts with printables only!  I do not want to see any filth and nothing scary (especially no zombies-they freak me out!).  Let’s keep it PG, maybe PG-13 rated.
  2. Share new posts with printables or those posts that need a little love.
  3. For every printables post that you leave, visit another and share or comment.
  4. Friday Printables Link-Up Party starts Fridays midnight ET and closes Sundays at 9 pm ET.
  5. Now, here is where the fun really begins!  When the link-up closes, come back & vote for your favorite printables post.  **To vote for your favorite, click on the heart icon at the top right of that thumbnail.  You only get one vote so choose wisely, young Jedi.
  6. The printables post with the most votes will be featured in the next week’s link-up.
  7. All printables posts will be shared by hosts on social media.
  8. It’s great meeting others who enjoy printables like we do.  Please take a moment and introduce yourself in the comments below so we can all get to know each other.  This is a party after all!Friday Printables Link-Up Party is a great place to share & find printables for home, school, homeschool, financial, planning, blogging, & more!


Share Friday Printables Link-Up Party!

We will love you forever & ever!  Plus, the more eyes we get on your favorite printable, the greater chance that it will be featured next week.

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When link-up party closes on Sunday night, use this tweet to let everyone know you voted for your favorite printable!

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