3 Frugal Materials to Boost Homeschool Fun

Homeschool fun can be affordable.  Check out these 3 frugal materials that you can use to boost your homeschooling adventures.


According to advertisements, homeschool fun with kids can break the bank.  You need expensive resources and materials if you are going to have effective learning fun with your kids, right?

Let’s bust that homeschool fun myth right now!  BOOM!

You CAN have effective homeschool fun with your kids.  Every day.  Without spending money (or at least very little!).

I’m sharing these three frugal materials that my boys and I use on a regular basis in our homeschool to boost learning fun.  You can find these materials at your local dollar store or favorite mart for only a few bucks.  What I love about these frugal materials is that you can buy them in larger quantities, save money, and extend the homeschool fun!

Find out how to use these 3 frugal materials to boost your homeschool fun.

Why Frugal Materials for Homeschool Fun are Clutch

There are certain truths in life. As a boy mom, I know these things to be true: Raising five boys stretches your budget.  Homeschooling five boys stretches your budget.  Frugal homeschool fun is possible.

We have a limited homeschool budget.  Academic subjects, of course, are our priority.  I do believe, however, that homeschool fun is essential to allow our homeschooling adventures to thrive and succeed.  Daily homeschool fun is even better!

There is a common fear that homeschool fun equals expensive.  Let’s dispel that myth now, shall we?

There is a multitude of affordable resources and materials that you can use to boost learning fun.  Many of these resources are free; just take a gander around your home for materials that you can upcycle.  Paper towel rolls, empty oatmeal containers, and cardboard boxes are prime candidates for frugal homeschool fun.

Daily homeschool fun is possible, even with a minuscule or zero budget.  Pinterest can be your best friend when you’re looking for frugal homeschool fun ideas.  Here are a few of our favorite frugal materials to use to boost our homeschool fun.

3 Frugal Materials to Boost Homeschool Fun

1.  Q-Tips

A box of Q-tips equals a ton of homeschool fun.  You can use these frugal homeschool materials as paintbrushes for art projects.  I love this idea for kids’ DIY pointillism art.  Your young learners can practice their letters with these free printable letters for Q-tip painting.  Q-tip daisies are a super cute craft to make with kids.  A great quiet time activity is to build a Q-tip maze.

Q-tips are cool for math manipulatives.  Use for counting, skip counting, and hash marks (bundles of five).  Color the tip of the Q-tips with a marker and use to form patterns or other math fun activities.Q-tips are one of three frugal materials that are great for homeschool fun.

Use Q-tips for hands-on learning fun with letters and numbers.


2.  Cotton Balls

You can also use cotton balls to boost art projects.  Use a cotton ball in a clothespin, tweezers, or between fingers for an interesting paint brush (and developing fine motor skills).  Gently pull apart cotton balls and glue onto paper for a cool cloud or snow effect.  Explore colors with cotton ball color mixing.

Cotton balls are also excellent math manipulatives for counting, skip counting, addition, and subtraction.

Have some just because fun with baked cotton balls (only requires cotton balls, flour, water, and food coloring).

A fun way to learn about our olfactory sense is placing a few drops of an essential oil or extract on a cotton ball in a sealed container.  Upon opening the container, waft the smell towards your nose and guess the scent.


3.  Paper Clips

These frugal materials are fabulous for math learning fun.  Use as tools to practice measurement.  Paper clips are great for counting, skip counting, and estimation.

Use color paper clips as frugal materials to boost homeschool fun.
Use color paper clips for fun math patterns.

Older kids might enjoy this paper clip STEM challenge.  Another fun STEM challenge that younger kids can also enjoy is this paper clip helicopter.  This cool Bottle Diver Science Experiment includes a paper clip in its materials list.  Talk about magnetism and demonstrate with paper clips.  You can also make magnetic number strips for learning fun for young kids.

Create washi tape and paper clip bracelets or necklaces for a fun art project.  You can bend a paper clip and use to hang artwork.

You can use a paper clip as a frugal material to hang art work.

Like to countdown to 100 days of homeschool?  Make a paper clip chain link to mark each day.

Paper clips rock for bookmarks!  You can make all sorts of decorative bookmarks with a bit of ribbon and paper clips.  Or use washi tape for DIY paper clip flags.


Hope these ideas give you inspiration to start using frugal materials to boost your homeschool fun.  Leave a comment and share how you like to use these materials in your homeschool.


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