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Fruits of the Spirit Mini-Unit Study + Thanksgiving Countdown

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With the upcoming holiday season (which can quickly turn to chaos here!), I thought about what we could do in our homeschool to prepare. All the hustle and bustle can easily produce a regression in attitudes and behaviors (and for the boys too!). What could this busy homeschool mom do to help her family survive the holidays?

Get your FREE printable Fruits of The Spirit Mini-Unit Study + Thanksgiving Countdown now!

We have been working on character education during our Morning Gathering time. While this aspect of our homeschool has certainly helped my boys (and myself!), I wanted to go deeper in looking at how our faith can bolster us during holiday stress and exhaustion.

I felt like the time before Thanksgiving would be a wonderful time to prepare our family-bodies, minds, and souls. I wanted to combine Thanksgiving themes with scripture. After a bit of brainstorming, I decided to look further into Fruits of the Spirit. As a Catholic convert, I find that I am frequently learning about new areas of my adopted faith-and how it compares to what I learned growing up Lutheran.

The Catholic Church recognizes 12 Fruits of the Spirit based on Galatians 5:22-23 and the Vulgate. I love how these Bible verses remind us of such important character traits! The 9 attributes of Christian life (according to St. Paul in Galatians) are highlighted. The additional three virtues added by Catholics are common Christian practices (modesty, charity, and chastity).fruits of the spirit

To grab my boys’ attention and help their faith formation, I created this Fruits of the Spirit Mini-Unit Study. I used the 12 Fruits of the Spirit to honor our faith. For other Christians, I figured that you could use at your discretion-including for a broader character education study or removing for adherence to your faith.

I also wanted to include ways that all of my boys-ages 1-13- could benefit from this mini-unit study. I created coloring pages, a Bible Verse countdown chain to Thanksgiving (although it could be used any time of year for fun memorization!) and links to awesome YouTube songs about Fruits of the Spirit for my little guys.

 Fruits of the Spirit Mini-Unit Study includes:

  • 3 coloring pages of fruit and cornucopia (can also be used for Pin the Fruit on the Cornucopia!)
  • 2 coloring pages of Galatians 5:22-23
  • Bible verse strips (for countdown chain)
  • 4 pages for Language Arts
  • Health & Nutrition page
  • Scientific Names of Fruit Match (+ answer page)
  • Geography (location on world map)
  • 3 Math pages
  • Extra Learning Fun! (cooking, art, music, fun games, links)

To get the boys excited about this mini-unit study and Bible verse memorization, I plan on starting our Bible verse countdown chain to Thanksgiving on Friday, November 13.

fruits of the spirit
Bear with our Bible Verse Fruits of the Spirit Countdown!

The first day of study will be an introduction to the Fruits of the Spirit and overview of what we will be touching upon over roughly the next two weeks. Each day, one of my older boys will read the Bible verse and help one of the younger boys take off that chain. We will probably display Bible verses on wall or cork board.

Our last day of  Bible verse countdown with the Fruits of the Spirit will be on Thanksgiving. We will read and discuss Galatians 5:22-23 and how all the Bible verses related to each fruit of the spirit can be remembered during the holidays (and life!).

As we read, discuss, and study each Bible verse, I plan on creating a chart with the boys’ responses on how they can practice these values. I find the practice of explaining in their own words, as well as giving examples, helps my boys remember to use in everyday life.

I think the fruits will be a great visual for my  boys-especially my little ones. I plan on discussing how God gifted us with the tangible fruits like apples, cherries, etc. and He also blessed us with ability to cultivate the virtues of the Fruits of the Spirit. I do not write out specific dialogue or plans. I prefer to present the information as it relates to our faith and family-and follow the boys in their comments and questions.

Another great resource that we will be using throughout our mini-unit study is Kids of Integrity, a site full of free resources for growing Godly character by Focus on the Family (Canada).



I pray that this Fruits of the Spirit Mini-Unit Study blesses your family! Please comment below with any questions or additional ways you think learning about Fruits of the Spirit would rock your homeschool!

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How will you prepare for the holidays? What centers your family?


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