Need A Homeschool Boost? Get Expert Tips from 38 Moms

Are you feeling homeschool blah instead of homeschool rah? Need a homeschool boost to pick you up & get you going in the right direction? Check out these expert tips from 38 moms who share from the heart. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2 is the resource to get homeschool help when you need it.


Do you ever just feel like you need a homeschool boost?  Like, a shot of inspiration or enthusiasm?

Maybe you are experiencing the well-known phenomena of the February blues that tends to haunt homeschool moms?

Or maybe you are a new homeschooler or a mom interested in finding out more about homeschool life and if it is the right choice for your family?

If you fit into any of the above categories (or just want to read an awesome homeschooling resource!), I have some great news for you.

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2 is here!

Get a Homeschool Boost with These Expert Tips

A few of my friends (and me) at iHomeschool Network joined forces (that sounds so cool-like super heroes or something!) to share our homeschool tricks and experiences.  We know the ups and downs and all arounds of homeschooling.  Our accumulated knowledge on these select topics has been compiled into one book.

Homeschool moms with preschoolers.  Homeschoolers with multiple kids.  Families with an only child.  Homeschool families with ages baby to teen.  Homeschooling with unique needs.

Homeschool moms who felt called to share expertise based on real life experiences.  We have been in the trenches.   We want to help pave your way and make your homeschool ride less bumpy.

I don’t know about you but I like to avoid as many bumps in my homeschool road that I can!

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas vol 2

Check Out These Awesome Topics To Pump Up Your Homeschool

I am super excited to be a contributor to iHomeschool Network’s The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2. I had the pleasure of reading and savoring the treasures found in Volume 1 (on sale for only 99¢!).   Being a part of Volume 2= priceless!

Bonus:  I contributed two chapters!  I felt like someone dropped a disco ball down over my head and lit the room with rainbow lights.  Major happy dance!

In The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2, I shared my tips on How to Incorporate Extracurricular Activities Into Your Curriculum and How Learning Styles Can Help Your Homeschool.

If you are new to Rock Your Homeschool, you may not know that I am a homeschool soccer mom of five boys(ages 2, 5, 8, 11, 14).  My two older boys are active in year-round competitive soccer.  I am very familiar with the busy life that homeschool families often lead.

Also, I am a huge advocate of encouraging your kids’ interests and passions.  Extracurricular activities can be great ways to help your kids to pursue these interests.  With activities outside of your homeschool, you will find life shifts into high gear with speeds that can make your head spin.

My first chapter inThe Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2 provides you with tips and tricks to help you manage your time and maintain your sanity with extracurricular activities.  Also, I share a list of possible extracurricular activities to consider for your kids.

The second chapter deals with learning styles.  As a former mental health therapist who worked with a variety of ages and stages, I present my thoughts and experiences with learning styles and how it can help your homeschool.

Here is a taste of just a few of the other helpful topics that you can find from my friends in The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2:

  • socialization for teens
  • independent learning
  • high school electives
  • best curriculum recommendations
  • flashcard learning fun
  • outsourcing homeschool subject or not?
  • teaching with living books
  • benefits of memorization and narration
  • STEM in your homeschool
  • cultivating an attitude of gratitude
  • homeschooling worriers
  • homeschooling & ADHD

And much more!  How much?  A total of 57 topics by 38 homeschool moms!  Boom!  Homeschool help when you need it:)


The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2 is available in:

I may be a bit biased but I truly can’t recommend this book enough!  You will be able to return to this homeschool treasure again and again as you navigate your homeschool path.

Let these bloggers at iHomeschool Network make your homeschool road smoother.  Sit back and enjoy the homeschool ride!

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