How To Frugally Plan Your Homeschool with Folders

Here is a frugal way to keep your homeschool work organized. Also, great for planning! Simple & flexible-this homechool daily folder system rocks!

How do you plan your homeschool?  Do you have a simple and flexible system that’s also affordable?  Read on to see how we use this effective homeschool daily folder system to rock our homeschool!

Keeping organized and on task is not always easy with the brigade!  It seems like paper pile accumulate no matter hard how I try to stay on top of lessons and projects.  Skipper and Professor maintain their school work binders relatively well.  Smiley-well, that’s another story!

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We started off last school year with school work binders for all boys.  Professor and Skipper enjoyed the independence of checklists.  Smiley became overwhelmed and papers were everywhere (understandably so-he was only 5!).  The sight of the binder began to induce a groan so I knew it was time to switch things up.  (Ah! the beauty of flexibility in homeschooling!)

I knew that I wanted a system that was simple, organized, and fast to assemble.  Also, I didn’t want the sight of it to overwhelm or distract (lots of pictures or colors leads to off-topic

Being A.F.A.P. (as frugal as possible!), I went through our office supplies to see what I could put together.  I found:

A closer look at materials used to plan your homeschool with daily folder system.
Homeschool Daily Folder System Materials: manila folders, marker, plain stickers or labels

Plan Your Homeschool With This Simple System!

To label the folders, it literally took less than a minute.  I added stickers to make it easier to differentiate between boys (both Smiley and Bear use this system now-all boys will be using as of August 2015).

Preparing the folders for the week has proven easy.  I stack up folders for each boy.  I then place on top of  their books and workbooks.  I find where they left off on Friday, go through and add the next five days of work (more or less depending on our schedule).

Another inside look at how you can use homeschool daily folder system to plan your homeschool.


I think what has been most helpful is using post-it notes on the inside of the folders.  I use them as a kind of checklist on the papers.  Also, I jot on the notes reminders of work or activities that can’t fit into folder (i.e. workbook that we are keeping intact or manipulative) to be completed that day.

An extra bonus is using a post-it note for fun learning suggestions if all work is completed (or on brain break).  I have found that this practice has cut down on the “Mommy, what can I do next?  There is nothing in this house to do!” whines.  (Not completely eliminated but better!)

Inside look at how we use homeschool daily folder system to plan your homeschool.


Another fun extra is when I add supportive notes.  “You can do it!”, “Keep up the hard work!”, and smiley faces on post-it notes add a little smile to their faces when they open their folders.

To organize this organization system (he he! this made me chuckle), I found this hanging 5-pocket organizer for a steal on Amazon.  Once I have prepared a week’s worth of folders for a boy, I simply place into a slot (which has label slots-I haven’t gotten there yet!) and done.

Hanging pocket folder organizer for an affordable way to organize and plan your homeschool.

When the day’s work is complete, folder is handed over to me to check, review information, and help with corrections.  I use that boy’s Afternoon Gathering evaluation bookmark as well to determine if all expectations have been met.  I take folder and put back on desk in my office for an easy start for the next week’s organization and planning.

Materials For Frugal Homeschool Daily Folder System

Homechool Daily Folder System has helped me stay organized and add in fun extras that were getting overlooked.  The work in the folders is mostly independent work for that boy for that day.  (Of course, I provide help and guidance when needed.)  I love how I can hand out their folders after our Morning Gathering time and they are good to go!

The flexibility of the system is a blessing as well!  If a boy is sick or does not complete work for one day, I simply move to next folder.  No need to make hasty erasures or juggle computer files.

The Homeschool Daily Folder System works for our family because the brigade has definitely inherited Mommy’ love of lists.  Post-it notes gives them that bit of a list without being overwhelming.

It also works for the brigade because they are not dealing with bulky binders with tabs to go through.  Thin, manila folders are much less intimidating than bulky binders with papers spilling out of them.  I don’t get as many complaints about quantity of work either.

How do you plan your homeschool work?  What works for your family in terms of planning and organization?  Leave a comment with your tips and if you think Homeschool Daily Folder System would work for your homeschool?



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