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Free Homeschool Fun Calendar for June 2017

You can add learning fun to your homeschool day! Check out these easy activities with daily prompts & weekly materials checklist that can help you connect with your kids.


It’s time for another free homeschool fun calendar!  I absolutely love creating and using these daily activities with my boys.  As a busy homeschool mom, I need all the help I can get to make sure learning fun happens.

By doing a bit of research and planning, I try to make it as simple as possible for you to have this special time to connect with your kids and build memories.  Use these daily prompts to inspire and encourage learning fun throughout your day.


Free Homeschool Fun Calendar for June 2017

All you have to do to access and download this homeschool fun calendar is subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool!  For real!  You will receive a super secret password that unlocks all RYHS freebies plus weekly email updates about how we are rocking our homeschool.

In your Free Homeschool Fun Calendar for June 2017, you will find a monthly calendar with daily prompts to remind you of easy-to-do learning fun activities for that day.  Also, you will get a printable weekly checklist for suggested materials.  Learning fun is so much easier when you are well prepared!

CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW to subscribe and get started with homeschool fun! (Sorry to shout in all caps like that but I didn’t want you to miss it;)

Want to add homeschool fun to your day but not sure how? Here is your free homeschool fun calendar with easy-to-do activities to add sparkle to your learning fun. Includes free monthly calendar with daily prompts & weekly materials checklist so you can get right to the fun!


Recommended Resources for June Homeschool Fun Calendar

June 2:  Here’s a great recipe on King Arthur Flour for baked donuts with three variations.

June 6:  Learn about the history of the yo-yo and try a new trick!

June 9:  Find out more about Donald Duck.

June 12:  Learn how to draw a red rose.

June 19:  Check out this awesome online aquarium.

June 21:  Make a summer bucket list.

June 24:  Did you know there are different types of pralines?

June 28:  Learn more about Paul Bunyan, an American folk tale hero.

June 29:  Make secret handshakes for your homeschool!

June 30:  Meteors are cool!  Find out more in this video.


I truly hope this homeschool fun calendar for June helps you easily add sparkle to your learning fun.  If you take pictures or would like to share your experiences, please come back and leave a comment here or tag me @rockyourhomeschool so I can check it out.

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