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7 Reasons Homeschool Learning Through Chores Blesses Our Family

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One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is how my boys are learning through chores. When we first considered homeschooling, I never dreamed that this blessing would occur. Instead of the worry or hassle of added work, homeschooling as afforded our family with the opportunity to include chores as part of our learning fun.

I have trained my boys to help through chores from the time they were mobile. Simple tasks of putting away toys and sorting socks allow kids to practice many skills, as well as feel a sense of pride in contributing to their family. The early years are a ripe time to establish positive work habits and attitudes.

As we began our homeschool journey, one of my greatest fears was how would I be able to maintain our home. You know as well as I that there are only so many hours in the day! With the addition of homeschooling, when would there be time to mop the floors and do laundry? I learned early on that these home management tasks could be included in our homeschool day and shared among all family members. This busy momma did a happy dance!

7 Reasons Homeschool Learning Through Chores Blesses Our Family

  1.  All Ages Can Contribute:  I am a firm believer that all members of a family can help in some way to help a home function smoothly. Yes, even babies! All of my boys were with me (either held or in a carrier) while I worked on chores during their infancy. I talked and sang to them as I cleaned, trying to make the time a positive experience for all.
    Toddlers are very capable of picking up toys and sorting laundry with assistance. Preschoolers can sweep floors and empty trash cans. As your children grow up, their ability to help around your home increases. My absolutely favorite chore chart by ages can be found on The Flanders Family Website. Consider this resource when you plan age-appropriate chores for your kids.

  2. Math Practice:  Think about all the chores that are necessary to maintain your home. Many of these responsibilities require counting, sorting, and measuring.
    Laundry time is awesome for sorting! As we sort, I have my younger boys practice counting and describing objects. Comparison of sizes and math vocabulary (over/under, next to, more, less) can be practiced too.
    Sorting is also practiced when putting away silverware and other kitchenware. The biggest area that allows for sorting practice is putting away toys.

  3. Reading Practice:  Chore time can be used to practice reading. Clothing labels must be read to properly wash clothes. Cleaning products have important labels with warning and proper usage.
    Chore cards or lists with written steps and directions can be created to help kids practice letters, sight words, and sentence structure.
    Cooking in the kitchen often requires reading of a recipe. Food labels and storage suggestions are other opportunities for kids to expand their reading practice.

  4. Music:  We love to include music in our chore time. A radio playing popular or beloved songs is an excellent motivator to keep everyone working. Lately, we use this time to listen to our Zeezok Music Appreciation CDs for enjoyment and review.
    Another way that music boosts our learning through chores is with chants or songs. Nursery rhymes and counting songs are fun to learn when sweeping the floor or picking up toys.

  5. Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development:   Chores provide excellent opportunities for using our bodies, especially hands, in ways to develop strength and control. Pouring, scrubbing, and wiping are but a few of the ways kids practice and develop fine and gross motor skills.

  6. Increased Self-Esteem:  When an assigned chore is completed, kids feel a sense accomplishment and pride. Learning a new task and performing the steps to finish are excellent ways to help your child build their self-esteem. Praise their effort and celebrate with your kids when a chore is done. Try not to criticize or redo the chore. Let them bask in the success of their work-and watch their expression shine.

  7. Important Values Training:  When our kids are learning through chores, they are learning to become responsible human beings. They learn to help-others and themselves.  Cooperation and contribution to a team (your family) are skills that are vital for success in the real world. Chores also require the ability to manage time. Successful practice of time management of chores at home will translate into positive work skills in the future.

In an effort to help my boys continue learning through chores, I created this printable Homeschool Learning Through Chores Cards. I print several copies and laminate. I cut the cards and punch a hole into top left corner of card. For each boy, I place chore cards for that day on a loose three-ring binder.

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I pray that these chore cards and ideas blesses your family as you continue your homeschool journey!

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