Why I Absolutely Love Using Traveler’s Notebooks For Homeschool Planning

Find out why I absolutely love using Traveler's Notebooks in my Funkydori for homeschool planning.

As a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, I need my homeschool planning to be as easy and fast as possible.  My homeschool planner must also be affordable and durable.  I have tried several different planners but never could find one that perfectly fit our family.

Our homeschool is constantly evolving.  As my boys grow older and learn new skills, I find the need to adapt our homeschool plans.  Xman, our youngest boy, moved from toddler to toddler tornado just this past academic year.  I need to have a homeschool planner that could be flexible and allow for change in times, dates, and layout.

I moved from scheduling out our entire homeschool year to by the month.  I found that approach left too much opportunity for needing to shift subjects and lessons around.  A weekly approach to homeschool planning fits our current state of homeschooling.

I also require a homeschool planner that is durable.  Xman feels compelled to touch everything.  He often sits in my lap and “helps” me teach homeschool.  I need a planner with a sturdy cover that can be easily cleaned with a damp towel.

The planner world has opened a whole new door to my creative and organizational skills.  Washi tape, stickers, erasable pens that actually work and write well-pure joy!  I also knew that I have limited time to homeschool plan. I do not have time to waste.  But, I wanted my homeschool planner to look nice.

I was beyond thrilled when my friend, Jenn at Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling and Funky Jeans Designs (yes, she is quite the Renaissance woman!), revealed that she was going to create custom planners.  This frugal momma did a major happy dance when I saw the price.  More importantly, I could make my own traveler’s notebooks to use-in affordable way!

Homeschool Planning can be easy and affordable! Learn why I love to use traveler's notebooks for simple and frugal homeschool planning.
My homeschool Funkydori with washi tape & Frixion pens. Planner measures 6″ x 8 1/4″-perfect for use at home & on-the-go!

I was reluctant to create my own traveler’s notebooks.  I thought the process would take too long and cost too much money.  Through Jenn’s guidance, I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong in both areas.

Homeschool planning can be easy & affordable. Learn why I love to
My DIY traveler’s notebook covers-love these gorgeous prints on cardstock!


When I had a coupon for Michaels and learned in Planner Squad Facebook group that adorable cardstock was on sale, I hit the road running!  I found packs of 48 sheets of 12″ x 12″ decorative cardstock for $5!  Here is an example of the type of cardstock I purchased:


Jenn suggested the use of a heavier weight paper for planning pages.  I am so glad to have followed her advice!


When my Funkydori (Jenn’s amazing fauxdori version) arrived, I immediately took measurements and cut my books to size.  A few staples & voilá-DIY & frugal traveler’s notebooks!

Traveler's notebooks can be a simple & affordable approach to homeschool planning.
My simple DIY approach to homeschool attendance-almost finished with our required 180 days!

I love how I can add up to 6 books in this planner.  (I have another Funkydori that I use for planning for my blogs-8 books in that one!)  When I finish with one book, I add it to my boys’ portfolios and insert another.  Super easy and affordable!

Homechool planning can be easy & frugal when you use traveler's notebooks. See why I love my Funkydori as an affordable, custom homeschool planner.
Our homesschool plans for St. Patrick’s Day week!

To help with my need to change plans quickly, I use Frixion ball erasable pens.  These pens absolutely rock!  I was skeptical on how well they would erase (I grew up in the 80s and 90s-erasable pens were weak!).  These pens not only erase well-they write smoothly, too! And they come in different colors!  (Perfect for color coding subjects or per child.)

I definitely have my own system for planning.  I use abbreviations at will and color code for that week.  It works for me.  I like to change things up-like using cupcake washi during a birthday week!  I also like how I can easily change up box size for subjects each day.

Traveler's notebooks are a fun, frugal, and easy approach to homeschool planning.
One of our homeschool birthday weeks!

I often go back and add details from what we did during our week.  I try to leave a lot of space to more lessons and subjects around, if necessary.  The boys are familiar with our Morning Gathering time so I only jot down a few notes.  I prefer to read, discuss, and do any copywork or related work during a lesson.  This type of relaxed, eclectic homeschooling best fits our family.

I would love for you to check out Jenn’s Funky Jeans Designs and her rockin’ Funkydoris.  She will listen to your concerns and help you design traveler’s notebook that will rock your homeschool planning.  Follow her homeschool and designs sites for updates and great deals.  Also, get more details about her Funkydori, stamped metal jewelry, and virtual assistant services (like I said, Renaissance woman!).

Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling     Facebook      Twitter      Pinterest

Funky Jeans Designs     Facebook      Twitter       Pinterest

Jenn has generously agreed to sponsor a giveaway of a custom Funkydori!!  One lucky winner will get to select a fabric of their choice from her Funky Jeans Etsy shop.  Plus, she is throwing in 3 insert books to get the winner started.  Insert books will include to-do lists, weekly, and blank.

See why I love to use traveler's notebooks in my Funkydori for awesome homeschool planning.




What do you use to rock your homeschool planning?  Are you ready to make a fun and affordable change?
If so, I encourage you to check out a Funkydori and see how it can work for you!

This post is part of a iHomeschool Network link-up.  Find some incredible resources on homeschool planners by clicking below.  (Link-up goes live May 23 at 6am ET.)

I share why I love using my Funkydori with traveler's notebooks as a custom and frugal homeschool planner. Check out these other homeschool planners over at iHomeschool Network.

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