Science Workbooks & Elementary Math DVDs Giveaway Basket

Science & Math Gift Basket Giveaway is valued at over $130! Enter now for your chance to win 4 Dr. Bonyfide Presents science books + 3 Rock 'N Learn Early Math DVDs. These resources are fantastic ways to help your kids learn & practice important educational concepts. Giveaway is sponsored by Educents. This giveaway is part of iHomeschool Network's Back-To-Homeschool Gift Basket Giveaway.


Do you find it a challenge to find quality science and math resources for your homeschool?  How often have you searched and searched for affordable and effective ways to teach and supplement your homeschool lessons?  Are science and math a challenge for you to teach in your homeschool?

When I find products that bless our family (and can bless other homeschoolers!), I love to share here.  As homeschoolers, we often do not have a lot of money or time to spend searching for resources to ease our homeschooling journey.  If I can help others by sharing our review (and host a giveaway!), I will gladly do so.

It is with my extreme pleasure to announce my participation in iHomeschool Network’s Giveaway Basket Event.  Bloggers from iHomeschool Network have put together a variety of baskets filled with homeschool resources.  It is our hope to help other homeschoolers get a fantastic start to their homeschool year (or get a bit of refreshment if you are a year-round homeschooler!).

Giveaways make me smile.  They make me dance.  I love to find and enter a great giveaway.

I love even more to host a great giveaway.  Can you imagine my sheer joy when Educents agreed to partner with Busy Boys Brigade for this thrilling event![bctt tweet=”Science + Math #Giveaway! w/ @Educents for #ihsnet Back-To-Homeschool Gift Basket Giveaway!” username=”busyboysbrigdade”]

Educents has collected these materials and generously donated them for our gift basket giveaway.  These science and math resources are valued at over $130!  What a blessing for a lucky homeschool family!

Let me share a bit more with you about each resource and then we shall get to the giveaway fun!

Dr. Bonyfide Presents is a book series with engaging images and activities to help kids learn about the bones of the human body.

Dr. Bonyfide Presents Science Workbooks

Know Yourself Academy has created an amazing way to teach about the bones of the human body in Dr. Bonyfide Presents.  The amount of information presented in these workbooks is outstanding!  Great for a variety of learning styles!

Colorful pictures and examples provide effective visual teaching aids.  A comic book-like approach is used to engage kids ages 5 and up (although Xman who is 2 loved to look through these workbooks, too!).  Activities and worksheets are used to reinforce presented concepts.  Your child also gets a certificate of completion when finished with the book.

One of the coolest features of Dr. Boneyfide Presents is X-ray glasses included in the first book!!  Kids (and adults) can use these glasses to complete some of the exercises.  Super fun way to approach learning about bones!

X-ray glasses and certificates of completion are included in Dr. Bonyfide Presents books to help kids learn about bones of the human body.

Dr. Bonyfide Presents includes 4 books:

  • Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shoulder
  • Bones of the Foot, Leg, and Pelvis
  • Bones of the Rib Cage and Spine
  • Bones of the Head, Face, and Neck

I don’t know about you, but when I think about learning about bones I think, “Um…boring!”  When I think about teaching about the bones, I foresee myself staring off into space with a bit of drool dribbling down by chin (sorry to be graphic but it’s the truth!)

Somehow, Know Yourself Academy turns teaching and learning about the bones fun!  The kind of fun where you want to keep going even though you only assigned so many pages in your lesson plan type of fun.

Dr. Bonyfide Presents is a book series with colorful and engaging activities and ways to help kids learn the bones of the human body.

For example, this mnemonic is going to stick with my boys and me! (I was a biology major my first two years of college with an anatomy class and I never learned this information this well or easily!)

I created this video with highlights from each book:



Rock 'N Learn Early Math Collection includes DVDs to engage your kids and help them learn addition, subtraction, telling time, and money facts.

Rock ‘N Learn Early Math Collection

Would you love to have an effective resource to help your kids learn and practice math facts?  How about resources that you can sit back and watch with your kids as you bebop to math rhymes and raps?  (That’s right!  Relax and enjoy with your kids!)

Math DVDs from Rock ‘N Learn are the way to go!  We have Multiplication and More Collection and this set has truly blessed our homeschool.  Fantastic way to review and reinforce multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals!

Rock ‘N Learn Early Math Collection is sure to be a blessing, too!  This DVD set includes:

  • Addition & Subtraction Rap (grades 1 & up)
  • Telling Time (grades 1 & up)
  • Money & Making Change (grades 2 & up)

When our family watches any of the Rock ‘N Learn Math DVDs, we do it together.  That means ages 2-13 (I’m not telling my age!) sit back and learn along with the math explanations and problems.  I love doing group learning in our homeschool.  I think early exposure to concepts never hurts-and review for older ones is good, too!

I often include Rock ‘N Learn Math DVDs in our homeschool morning time.  The chapters are just long enough to introduce, review, and reinforce concepts.  Also, these DVDs are life savers on busy days when we are on-the-go!  I just toss one in the DVD player in our van and smile as the boys learn as we do errands and go to activities.

Here is a video that features Rock ‘N Learn Addition & Subtraction:


You can enter to win these Science Books about the bones of the human body and Rock 'N Learn Early Math DVDs. Giveaway ends 8/22.


Science Workbooks & Elementary Math DVDs Giveaway Basket

One lucky winner will win this science and math giveaway basket valued at over $130.  All 4 Dr. Bonyfide Presents books and 3 Rock ‘N Learn Early Math DVDs are included.  Enter now for your chance for a great back-to-homeschool kick-off!

And that’s not all!  Head over to iHomeschool Network now & enter all of these great giveaways!  So many chances to win back-to-homeschool prizes!

Back-To-Homeschool Gift Basket Giveaways over at iHomeschool Network.

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