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One of the most frequent questions that I get asked as a homeschool mom is “Do you get snow days?.  Sure!  My boys and I love to play in the snow as much as anyone.  We love to take a break from our regular homeschool routine.  Our learning fun, however, never ends!

We live in part of a snow belt area.  It is not uncommon for us to get anywhere from 6-12″ of snow during a storm.  The snow has a tendency to stick around too-not just melt in a few hours.  We often find ourselves lucky enough to have several snow days of learning fun!

There are various ways that I approach a homeschool snow day.  For the first few snow days (because we usually have a number of them!), I will allow the boys to go out for a few hours and just have fun.  They may join their public and private school friends for sledding, snow fort building, and epic snow ball battles.  After their enthusiasm for snow days tapers off, I start to whip up some creative ideas to keep the learning fun in and outside our home.

homeschool snow days

Indoor Learning Fun on Homeschool Snow Days

As the snow accumulates, we typically watch from our windows and eagerly await outdoor winter fun.  As we watch, the boys will put a yard stick outside to measure how many inches of snow have fallen.  We enjoy predicting how much snow will accumulate and congratulate the winner who was closest in their estimation.snow days

I also use this time to review reading a thermometer.  We chat about above and below freezing temperatures.  The boys are always fascinated to watch the mercury rise and the icicles start to drip.  Speaking of icicles, the boys will take their yard sticks and measure the rather large icicles that form under our deck.

I find that snow days are perfect for family read-alouds!  We cuddle under warm blankets in front of our fireplace and settle back to enjoy books from our personal library.  Books about snow, snowmen, and winter scenes tend to dominate these pleasant reading times.  A few of the books that we choose during our snow days family read-alouds include:


When we are done reading, the boys and I are often in need of a snow day treat.  We make hot chocolate and some yummy treat.   I love to incorporate baking into our homeschool math learning fun! One of our favorite sweet treats to bake is our Easy Pumpkin Bread.

snow days pumpkin bread


As the hot chocolate cools, I sneak in some learning fun.  We take a bag of marshmallows and think of ways to practice math facts and skills.  Counting, adding, and subtracting marshmallows makes for hands-on math.  The boys also take pretzel sticks and use them with marshmallows to create salty sweet structures.

After we are done with our hot chocolate and treats, I find it best to get the boys moving.  We play Snow Charades, a game of pantomiming winter themes and characters.  Minute-To-Win-It games are a blast too!  A few of the snow days Minute-To-Win-It games we play are:

  • Marshmallow Stack
  • Roll the Snow Ball–One cotton ball per team with starting line & finish; players roll “snow ball” with their nose, plastic spoon, or small plastic shovel.
  • Peppermint Stack

An indoor game that calms the boys down is I Spy In The Snow.  We all gather once more in front of our windows and take turns selecting an “I Spy” object.  The other players guess as often as needed to determine the correct answer.

Once the boys have settled, we move onto snow days arts & crafts.  The boys take out white paper, scissors, and tape to create an indoor winter wonderland of paper snowflakes.  We also make a batch of our DIY playdough to form into snow people, snow flakes, and more winter scenes.  White paint and crayons are fun to use on white of black paper for creating winter scenes.

Outdoor Learning Fun on Homeschool Snow Days

When we head outside on homeschool snow days, I like to make sure our learning fun continues.  One of the first activities that my boys do is make snow balls.  I use that time for extra math practice of counting, adding, subtracting, and more.

The next activity is usually building snow people.  (My boys firmly believe that a snowman can get lonely and needs his family with him!)  We use this time to plan and collaborate-great team building skills!  Also, snow people provide an awesome opportunity to discuss geometry-shapes and angles come to life in a triangular carrot nose and what angle to position stick arms.snow days

Math learning fun on snow days continues with making patterns with nature!  We find the white snow is a perfect background for arranging pinecones, pine needles, sticks, and rocks in different patterns.

Snow days art can be super fun!  The boys love creating snow angels and personalizing them with the aforementioned nature objects.  Another creative way to include art into homeschool snow days is DIY Snow Spray.  Fill a spray bottle with  water and food coloring-let the kids use the snow as their canvas!

snow days

One of our favorite games to play in the snow is Follow the Leader.  The leader tromps around our yard, barking out orders to the followers who must also try to step in their footprints in the snow.  More fun snow days games include snow tag and relays races.

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I hope that our Indoor & Outdoor Homeschool Snow Days Fun gives you a few ideas to use with your family.  We would love to hear what you and your kids do on Homeschool Snow Days!

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