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Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 11 Lesson Extensions You’ll Love!

Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 11

Our math learning adventures with Life of Fred continue! WooHoo!

Chapter 11 The Bell Tower is full of interesting facts and explanations. Concepts covered include:

  • time
  • geometry
  • groups of numbers
  • addition
  • subtraction

Before we get into all the fun with our lesson extensions, make sure to

life of fred

I’d like to review just why I began to create these activity packets.

My 2 older boys (Captain and Professor) were frustrated with a well-known homeschool curriculum. It was just not the approach for them. Unsure of what to do (and not wanting to throw down another huge wad of money!), I started to look into homeschool math options-that would best fit their learning styles.

I stumbled upon Educents, an amazing educational resource site jammed pack with all sorts of learning goodies, and found the solution to our problem!Life of Fred Elementary Set

When I read this series by Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt, I knew that I found a winner! “Fun stories” and “passing “Bridges” to get to next chapter sounded like something my boys would enjoy while they were learning!

Uncertain of where to start in the Life of Fred Elementary Math series, I ended up buying the whole thing-a bit bold for this frugal shopper. I can say with all honestly that this purchase was the best one that I have made for our homeschool!

My boys eagerly dove into the first book, Life of Fred Apples. I couldn’t hold them back! Professor would beg to read another chapter-and another and another! I didn’t want to squash their newly acquired thirst for math reading-but I also wanted to keep them interested. I limited them to 2-3 chapters a day (depending on their answers to comprehension questions and our schedule).

Captain and Professor progressed quickly through the Life of Fred Elementary Series. They were ages 8 and 10 when they began to read these incredibly fun math books. (Both boys are excellent independent readers!). I purchased the next set (Life of Fred Intermediate Math) to use for their next homeschool year.

As you can imagine, little brothers did not want to miss out on the fun! At the beginning of this summer break, Smiley (6) and Bear (4) began to plea with me if they could “read Fred”. I hesitated because Dr. Schmidt states that kids should write the answers to the “Bridge” questions at the end of each chapter (but not in the books! Life of Fred is reusable!).

I decided to go for it and just read one chapter. I figured that it couldn’t hurt-and just maybe they would get something out of it! To my very pleasant surprise, they did! Both boys were able to correctly answer all Bridge questions!

As I read the first chapter of Apples, I recalled a helpful site full of lesson extension for Life of Fred Apples that I used with Professor and Captain. I revisited Noah’s Ark Homeschool Academy and used those awesome lesson extensions. (I highly encourage you to check that site out!)

The boys completed Apples-and wanted more! I searched for the next batch of lesson extensions for Life of Fred Butterflies-and I came up empty handed.

Well, the boys benefited so much from lesson extension I just knew that I would need to create our own! (I LOVE teaching my boys and devising new ways to help them learn!)  And what fun we have had along the way!

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Here are Life of Fred Butterflies Chapter 11 Lesson Extensions:

  1.  Snack:  Check Out These Squares! We used rectangle paper towels and found the right angles there too!

  2. Eggs-ellent!:  Fun way to talk and learn about dozens.
  3. Ring My Bell!:  Fred encounters a bell tower in this chapter. Make your own bell-and use to practice counting and other fun math activities!

  4. Emergency!:  A situation arises that Fred needs to learn to handle. Use this time to talk with your kids about emergencies.

  5. Hip to be Square!:  Find the right angles!

  6. Perpendicular Simon Says:  Fun way to form right angles. Great for different learning styles!


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