Free Harry Potter-Inspired Patronus Picker for Magical Fun

This Patronus Picker is such an amazing way to have magical fun. Your Potterheads will have a blast using this Harry Potter-Inspired origami cootie catcher to discover their Patronus.

Find out more about this hands-on Harry Potter fun and get started with your Patronus Picker right away!

This free printable Patronus Picker will be a huge hit with your Harry Potter fans.

What is a Patronus & Why Pick One?

If you’re new to the world of Harry Potter, you might be wondering just what a Patronus is and why it’s important.

Just ask any of your Harry Potter fans and I’m sure they’ll be happy to fill you in 😉

Until then, let’s look at what Wizarding World has to tell us about a Patronus. A Patronus is basically a positive force of energy that acts as a shield from a Dementor (that’s one of these nasty buggers \/ \/ \/ )


You do NOT want to have a run-in with a Dementor! But, if you do, having a nice bar of chocolate or the ability to cast the Expecto Patronum charm can help 🙂

As you can probably tell, I’m a bit of a Potterhead myself. I’m a huge fan of this wizard series and love creating resources to extend the learning fun.

Simple Activity for Magical Harry Potter-Inspired Fun

My boys and I are on another Harry Potter kick. When they were ready, I read the series with my two older boys. Now, my younger boys are expressing interest in this magical world.

Of course, our ultimate goal is to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and these 12 tips from Mary will be such a huge help!).

As our Harry Potter reading adventures unfold, the boys and I chat about our reactions and ideas related to the stories. We love to play “What if…?” games and think about what Hogwart’s House we’d be sorted into or which classes we’d like the best.

Each time I revisit my favorite characters, I think of new ways that I’d like to enjoy the books with my boys. Special activities just boost our homeschool and family fun.

Since my five boys and I think cootie catchers are a blast, I decided to create a Patronus Picker cootie catcher. We’ve enjoyed other Harry Potter-Inspired origami cootie catchers and this theme seemed like a perfect addition.

Woman holding Patronus Picker with printable & scissors on wood background to feature the magical fun your Harry Potters will have with this simple activity

How to Use this Harry Potter-Inspired Patronus Picker

This free printable Patronus Picker is quite easy to use.

  • Just print on white paper (or I guess you could get really funky and print it on color paper of your choice!).
  •  Cut along the dotted lines.
  • You can get instructions and see pictures for how to fold a cootie catcher HERE.
  • When you have your Patronus Picker folded and ready to go, have a bit of fun. Use a wand (real or pretend) an say “Expecto Patronum”. (optional step but we love it!)
  • Pick one of the top symbols (wand, cauldron, sorting hat, or broom) and spell out their name as you shift the cootie catcher back and forth.
  • With the cootie catcher open, select a visible number. Move the cootie catcher again in a back and forth motion using that number.
  • Again, pick a visible number.
  • Open the cootie catcher and you’ll find your Patronus under the chose number.

For extra fun, take a look at Wizarding World and see what Harry Potter character has the same Patronus as you.


Free printable Patronus Picker with scissors & completed Harry Potter cootie catcher to feature the magical fun you'll have with your Harry Potter fans using this cool activity


Get Your Free Harry Potter-Inspired Patronus Picker

Have magical fun with this free Patronus Picker!

This Harry Potter-Inspired cootie catcher includes one printable page in black and white.

You may print out as many copies of this Patronus Picker as you need to enjoy with your Harry Potter fans. If you have a friend or co-worker who would have a blast with this free printable Harry Potter activity, I ask that you share the link to this post. I truly appreciate your sharing 🙂

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Get your FREE Harry Potter-Inspired Patronus Picker by clicking right HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get your printable.

Have magical Harry Potter fun with this free printable Patronus Picker.

Want even MORE Harry Potter-inspired learning fun? My boys and I have been having a blast with Waldock’s Wizards and Wands!

Enjoy magical learning fun with Waldock's Wizards and Wands, a Harry Potter-inspired unit study.

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