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Praxis Apprenticeship Program: An Amazing College Alternative

Learn about this amazing college alternative. The Praxis Apprenticeship Program is a fabulous way to help your teens discover and reach their potential.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Yes, that’s the sound of time racing by as your teens progress through homeschool middle and high school.

Sorry, I don’t mean to cause a panic attack. It’s just that we sometimes need a good kick in the derriere to sit up and tune into an important message.

What plans do your teens have for life after homeschooling high school? Are those goals realistic and practical?

If your homeschool teen is like many others, read on to learn more about Praxis Apprenticeship Program as a college alternative.

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for my time for preparing this post.
All opinions are honest and a positive review was not required.

Why A College Alternative Sounds Great To This Homeschool Mom

I have five boys (2, 5, 7, 11, 14). With a twelve-year age difference, our family budget is going to be pulled like taffy in a few years. Stretching to pay for sports, activities, education, and graduations. I am starting my research now on how to keep our budget from being spread too thin!

Although my older two boys are active in competitive soccer, we are realistic about sports scholarships. Other scholarships and grants are possibilities but nothing is a guarantee.

My main concern is my oldest, Captain. He lacks direction. Captain has no idea of what he wants to study or what career path to choose.

Yes, he still has time to pursue his interests. Homeschooling high school seems more manageable now. I do not, however, want to reach his Senior homeschool year (which I very well know will come much faster than I can even imagine!) and look back with regret.

I don’t want my son to miss out on opportunities to grow and reach his full potential.

Also, I would love to help my oldest (and all of my boys!) thrive as adults, to be able to train and get a job to support themselves. I know that college is important for many (heck, I have my bachelor’s and master’s degrees!) but is not the right fit for all.

I often wonder if the path of higher education is the one for my boys. The lack of preparation that I see and hear of with many young adults frightens me. Depending on course of study, a college student may emerge with little to no preparation for the real world. What good is a college degree at that point?

One of the reasons I went back for my Masters of Arts in Community Counseling was because I had a very difficult time finding a job with my Psychology degree. I only wanted to work in my field. With that level of education, I had to first settle for a job as an assistant at a group home for troubled youth and then as a TSS (therapeutic staff support) as one-on-one worker with challenging students. Oh, did I mention the pay was lousy? I could have made more money as a pizza delivery person (and gotten tips!).

And here’s the thing:  I thought I knew what I wanted to do when I applied to college. I started out a Biology Pre-Med major. (Organic chemistry did me in!)  With barely any career guidance in high school, I randomly chose a major that sounded good to me and others.

I would like to help my boys avoid my educational and career rollercoaster. I cringe as I look back at the time and money wasted.

Often, I wonder what I could have done with the energy and ideas that I had as a teen. With the right guidance and resources, what type of impact could I have had on the world?

Imagine how thrilled I am by learning more about this amazing college alternative!


Find out why the Praxis Apprenticeship Program might be just what your family needs to help your teens and their future.

An Overview of Praxis Apprenticeship Program

The Praxis Apprenticeship Program is a nine-month program divided into three parts. Interested students can apply and schedule an appointment with an advisor.

1. 3-Month Pre-Apprenticeship Program  

The first part is an intense boot camp with training for personal and professional development. Participants work one-on-one with an advisor. Website building and personal brand development are a few of the skills addressed during this time.

2. 6-Month Paid Start-Up Apprenticeship & Curriculum

Full-time apprenticeship status is granted at this point. Learning activities include shadowing, individual projects, coaching, and skill building.

3. Guaranteed Post-Program Job Offer

Participants find jobs with the start-up company, within the Praxis Network, or even start their own companies!


As a busy homeschool mom, I am intrigued with how much training my homeschool teen would receive with no extra effort on my part. Also, extrinsic motivation coming from advisors and peers can be extremely helpful in getting my teen to work harder than he will for me.

Also, on-the-job training is an outstanding and invaluable feature! The development of transferable skills that are applicable across a variety of careers will help participants be in high-demand, not fighting for a job.

You can find many informative articles at Praxis Apprenticeship Program. I had a few questions and did some digging. I found helpful information on:


I know that our family has a lot to consider over the next few years. I can guarantee that Praxis Apprenticeship Program will be at the top of our list as a viable option for our boys.

Want to learn more and have your student apply? Visit Praxis Apprenticeship Program and follow on Facebook and Twitter for more information and updates.


How could this college alternative benefit your homeschool teens?



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