Free Printable Pack Of Smart Spiders Learning Fun


Your kids will love these free printable Smart Spiders Learning Fun activities. They’ll be able to choose from coloring pages, color-by-number, mazes, and handwriting practice.

Find out how my boys are enjoying these spider-themed activities and get your FREE printable pack today!


Have some super learning fun with spiders & this free printable pack!


Fantastic Ideas for Using These Spider-Themed Activities

Spiders for learning fun?  You better believe it in this all-boy house!  Creepy crawlies of all kinds are often the topic of conversation and study around our abode.  Spiders, however, are always #1 on the list.

Do you have kids who love spiders? Then, they’ll love this free printable pack of spiders learning fun!

Bear (7) is our little entomologist and arachnologist.  He absolutely adores all types of insects and arachnids.  (You do not want to make the mistake of calling a spider an insect in front of Bear.  You will receive at least a five-minute lecture on the difference between the two!) The creepier, the better for my bug boy!

His top pick of creepy crawlies has always been spiders.  Bear can be a tad bit obsessed with spiders.  If he finds a spider in our home or outdoors, they are automatically dubbed “baby”.

A cute little story…  Our family loves to visit pet stores.  We like to learn about the animals and other creatures living in the store.  

Naturally, our Bear is drawn like a bee to honey to the area with crickets and other insects.

Bear squeals with utter delight when he sees that a pet store has a tarantula.  He coos at the arachnid and whispers sweet nothings into its…what do you call a spider’s ears?  Let me ask Bear…  (Spiders do NOT have ears.  They have tiny hairs on their legs to sense vibrations.  Bit of trivia for ya!)

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Smart Spiders Learning Fun printable pack cover on white background with light blue arrow


Free Printable Pack Of Smart Spiders Learning Fun

This Free Printable Pack Of Smart Spiders Learning Fun is fabulous for kids, even if they aren’t huge fans of spiders. 

The spiders featured in this printable pack are adorable, not creepy or yucky.

Enjoy these activities with spiders learning fun:

  • coloring pages
  • color by number
  • handwriting practice (tracing lines)
  • tracing shapes
  • trace & practice color words
  • trace & practice number words

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you know someone who you think could use these Spider Learning Fun activities, please share the link to this post with them ?

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