How To Use Lil’ Fishys For Awesome Summer Learning Fun

Learn more about Lil' Fishys, cute motorized swim toys, can rock your summer learning fun.  These affordable toys are an easy way to help your kids have fun.  Get ideas on how to use toys like these for summer learning.  Also, find out about giveaway, Twitter Party, & Instagram challenge all for Lil' Fishys!

I am always looking for ways to help my boys have summer learning fun.  We take a summer break from homeschooling but our learning adventures don’t stop!  I look for easy, affordable, and engaging products and resources to spark learning fun throughout our summer.

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I was thrilled to get my hands on these cute motorized toys by Lil Fishys.    These swim toys make a fabulous addition to our summer learning fun.

Lil Fishys are cute swim toys that can add hours of summer learning fun that kids will love.
Look at all these adorable swim toys from Lil Fishys! My boys were ecstatic to get such fun toys.

When I saw how excited my boys were when opening our Lil Fishys box, I knew that I would need to find ways to incorporate these toys into our summer learning fun plans.  Each boy adopted a different fish but agreed to share to experience the fun with all.

Lil Fishy Aquarium Lucky Playset is a fun and affordable kit that is great for summer learning fun.

We got started indoors using the Lil Fishy Aquarium Lucky Playset.  We cleared off our kitchen counter and got out our batteries box (**warning-make sure to have AAA and AA batteries.  They are not included with toys and your kids will want to start playing with immediately!  We did a Periscope broadcast with introduction to Lil Fishys.

Here are a few Lil’ Fishy toys available on Amazon (aff):

Lil' Fishys are fun swim toys for summer learning fun.
Xman loves playing with the Lil’ Fishy Lucky Aquarium set

Indoor & Outdoor Fun With Lil Fishys

On a warm Spring day, Smiley had the smart suggestion of taking our Lil Fishys outside for use in our water tables.  This is where the larger toys shone.  These larger fish toys actually have water spout from the top of their backs.  Super fun to play with and watch!

They have also used they motorized toys in the bath tub.  I highly recommend using these toys if you have any reluctant bathers like I do.  At times, we have to drag Bear to the tub.  Much to our delight, Bear ran to the boys’ tub to try out his new “baby”.  Score for Lil Fishys!

My boys can not wait to take their Lil Fishy toys into our above ground pool this summer.  They chat about creating games to play with the fish pool toys.  “Follow the Lil Fishy” and “Lil Fishy Swim Races” are being hashed out with much enthusiasm.

Lil' Fishys toys are affordable ways to add to your kids' summer learning fun.
Smiley with his new Lil’ Fishy friend

Summer Learning Fun With Lil Fishys

I plan on using their new motorized toy friends to prompt summer learning fun.  We will be conducting further investigations like:

  • Finding books about each type of sea creature
  • Researching various ocean habitats
  • Writing activities for each age level
    • starting letters for each sea creature for Xman (toddler)
    • sea creature words for Bear (5)
    • sentences about sea creatures and habitats for Smiley (7)
    • paragraphs and stories about the above for Professor (11) and Captain (13)
  • Art activities
Summer learning fun is easy and affordable with Lil' Fishys.
Bear loves his new “baby” from Lil’ Fishys

These affordable motorized toys have kept my boys busy for hours. They keep coming up with new ways to play with and watch their new friends.  A cool feature of these fish toys is the ability to move their fins.  It gives kids a great opportunity to lean about cause and effect, as well as a bit of basic physics.  The boys just enjoy discovering different ways their toys can be used.

Get ready for some Instagram fun with Lil Fishys!  Lil Fishy Instagram Challenge to help you rock your summer learning fun.


I shared 2 Instagram videos of my boys using Lil Fishys:

More Lil’ Fishys Fun! Outside with one our water tables??? boys are having a blast!! #ihsnet @lilfishys

A video posted by Amy (@busyboysbrigade) on


And that’s not all! Get ready for a rockin’ Twitter Party!

Summer Fun Twitter Party will help you rock your summer learning fun.


To find out more about and get updates on their products, follow Lil’ Fishys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And if all that wasn’t enough-GIVEAWAY!  Lil’ Fishys is generously hosting a fabulous giveaway.  3 lucky winners will receive Lil’ Fishy Aquarium and a grab bag of Lil Fishy toys.

I’ll be sharing how we are using our Lil’ Fishys for summer learning fun on my social media accounts.  What ideas do you have for using your Lil’ Fishys swim toys?

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