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If you struggle with homeschool mom guilt, anxiety, or self-doubt, here are 7 useful tips to help you trust in yourself & the homeschool process.

7 Helpful Tips to Trust in the Homeschool Process

  Worry.  Guilt.  Self-doubt. Are these negative thoughts and feelings that prevent you from enjoying your homeschool adventures? Too often, I experience these negatives in my homeschool process. And I talk with other homeschool moms who struggle with the same stuff. Personally, I put on a good act.  Pretend that all is well and just […] Read more…

Discover how you can find your homeschool groove using a journal. Get tips, tricks, & motivation to record your thoughts, feelings, & goals towards optimizing your homeschool adventures. Includes free printable pack with monthly themes, weekly prompts, & inspirational quotes to help you get started.

How to Find Your Homeschool Groove with a Journal

  Are you ready to rock your homeschool in 2018 (and beyond?)  Do you want to work on developing personal, family, and homeschool growth?  Looking for some guidance on how you can customize your homeschool experience while having an amazing learning adventure? Well, my dear homeschool friend, you are in the right place!  I am so […] Read more…

Get your free printable homeschool encouragement bookmarks!

12 Uplifting Bookmarks For Homeschool Encouragement

  Homeschool encouragement can come in a variety of uplifting forms.  For those times when you can’t talk to another homeschooler or loved one who understands, written text like inspirational quotes can do the trick. These 12 Uplifting Bookmarks for Homeschool Encouragement are my way of reaching out to all homeschoolers to let you know […] Read more…

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