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12 Uplifting Bookmarks For Homeschool Encouragement

  Homeschool encouragement can come in a variety of uplifting forms.  For those times when you can’t talk to another homeschooler or loved one who understands, written text like inspirational quotes can do the trick. These 12 Uplifting Bookmarks for Homeschool Encouragement are my way of reaching out to all homeschoolers to let you know […] Read more…

How To Use A Homeschool Vision Board For Inspiration

  I am thrilled to share this homeschooling idea with you!  Homeschool moms often share with me their struggle with maintaining focus on goals and hopes in their homeschool adventures. Here is a simple visual tool to help you stay in your lane.   A homeschool vision board! What is a Homeschool Vision Board? I like […] Read more…