Make 2018 the MOST FUN year ever! Rock Your Homeschool with Homeschool Fun 2018.

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How To Effectively Use Amazon Prime Video For Homeschool

  I love finding new ways to rock my homeschool and save money.  Sharing these new tips and resources with you makes me want to throw on some 80s’ tunes and jam!  The best scenario:  when you and I can rock our homeschools, save money, and provide resources that our kids will love.  Boom! Are […] Read more…

Add sparkle to your learning fun with these 10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day!

10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day

  Tell a Fairy Tale Day is recognized on February 26.  Fairy tales are amazing resources to add to your homeschool and learning fun.  Filled with interesting and memorable characters, storylines, and lessons, fairy tales provide you engaging material for kids of all ages. To extend the learning fun with our Homeschool Fun 2018 February […] Read more…

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