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Using PicMonkey For Homeschool Learning Fun

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links. All opinions and review are my own.

As a blogger, I have exclusively used PicMonkey to create graphics and printables for homeschool learning fun. It has been so much fun and easy to use for my blogs and our homeschool. Through PicMonkey, I have been able to add a special pizzazz to our homeschool learning.

PicMonkey homeschool learning fun

Of course, I am always on the look out to find new ways to add to our homescool learning fun. One of my favorite parts of homeschooling my 5 boys is that I have the freedom to customize their learning. I can determine their learning styles and craft their homeschool work based on their interests and personalities.

Each of my boys display different learning styles. Captain, my oldest, is a visual/kinesthetic learner  He loves to doodle, do crafts like origami, and learn through touch. My hands-on fella (who is 13 now-where has the time gone?) has been chatting with me about what he may want to do for a career.

A natural leader and arguer (or as he calls it “merely looking at things from another point of view”), I thought he would say something like lawyer or business management. He doesn’t get his blog and family nickname for nothing! I was shocked when he said that he was interested in learning more about graphic design.

As I sat and talked more with me about this possibility, it all clicked. He expressed that he enjoys working individually on projects that challenge his creativity. Captain talked about the growing use and demand for workers in the technology field. He said that he thought it would be a cool way to combine using his hands, creativity, and computers.

I was quite impressed by his insight. Typically, our first teenager keeps his conversations to a few grunts and mutters. I delighted in seeing his face become animated as he spoke to me about graphic design.

PicMonkey homeschool learning fun Captain
Captain using PicMonkey to make Valentine’s Day Poster for our homeschool

I started to look into programs that Captain could use in our homeschool learning fun. I believe that it is never too late to get started learning about a possible future career choice. Anything that he learns now will only further his eventual studies and job selection.

A few options for homeschoolers looked great but a bit pricey. Coding and mod design sounded fun but the price tags did not. Not one to be deterred so soon, I kept at my research to add to our homeschool learning fun.

As I was creating a graphic for a Busy Boys Brigade blog post, that “aha” moment hit! Ding, ding, ding! What was I using to create a graphic? What was my #1 go-to for editing pictures and creating rockin’ cards?


Oh, by gosh, by golly! The answer to my prayers was sitting right in front of me!

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


What is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is the absolutely rockin’ site to create and design graphics, as well as edit images. With cool fonts and graphics for both free (oh yes! you can use it for free) and paid versions, PicMonkey is super-dee-duper fun and easy to use.

A few of the features that I am obsessed with love include:

  • Themes — seasonal and everyday
  • Fonts — PicMonkey or your own
  • Tutorials — if this tech-challenged gal can use PicMonkey with success after watching their tutorials, anyone can!
  • Tips & Inspiration —  you can sign up for emails or head over to their blog for amazing ideas and how-tos
  • Collage —  ability to easily create a collage of pictures and/or graphics with several templates
  • Effects — option to add a slew of effects to your images or graphics

PicMonkey homeschool learning fun birthday card
Smiley creating a birthday card for his best buddy using PicMonkey

How Do We Use PicMonkey For Homeschool Learning Fun?

I have added the use of PicMonkey into our Homeschool Art. The boys are learning all types of groovy things like color selection and perspective. PicMonkey tutorials have made easy for my older boys to learn how to use the site in a variety of ways.

I love how the boys can use their creativity to edit and design. We also used PicMonkey to create birthday invitations and cards.

PicMonkey Homeschool learning fun party invite

I use PicMonkey all the time to create and share printables for homeschool use.  Sometimes you just need a customized printable for your family-and PicMonkey gives you the power to do it.  (Well, PicMonkey and my SuperMom powers, but that’s for another post!)

In case you missed these printables, here are a few that I have shared here on Busy Boys Brigade:

PicMonkey homeschool creative writing

PicMonkey homeschool brain breaks


For more information about PicMonkey and all that it has to offer, click below and follow on social media:

 PicMonkey Photo editing made of win





PicMonkey has a Royale (paid) upgrade that gives you even more possibilities-and for only $4.99 a month or $33 a year, makes it totally worth it! This option is full of some of my favorite fonts and graphics. You will get a taste of it during your free trial-and you won’t want to look back!

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Hope this review of PicMonkey in our homeschool gives you a few ideas on how it can bless your homeschool leearning fun too! I will be sharing more ways that we use PicMonkey in our homeschool and blog. Look for tutorials on creating printables for free and more! Make sure to subscribe to Busy Boys Brigade Bulletin for weekly updates.

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