40+ Ideas for Imaginative Fun with Kids

If you’re looking for frugal and creative ways to boost creativity and more, you’ll love these ways that kids can use a stick for imaginative play.

This free printable pack has 40 imaginative ways for kids to play with sticks.

The ideas for play with sticks includes prompts for: 1. Sword 2. Wand 3. Fishing pole 4. Limbo stick 5. Microphone 6. Telescope and MORE!

Want to help your kids take their imaginative play to the next level? Here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve used with my boys:

Allow plenty of time Set expectations Encourage your kids to extend the ideas and come up with their own. – Use the ideas for play with sticks that I’ve shared to spark activity – and then let your kids go.

High five! You’re on your way to helping your kids have so much fun playing with sticks!

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