Creative & Fun Homeschool Electives

From survival skills to web design, follow what your kids find interesting and offer opportunities for them to expand that interest.

Foreign Language

Introducing a foreign language is excellent for all ages. The best time to teach a new language is before a child is eight years old.

Cooking Class

Cooking is a life skill, but it also can be a separate class. It might even spur interest in becoming a chef when your child grows older!


Gardening is a valuable skill to have. Plus, it can be relaxing and enjoyable. Many people enjoy spending time in a garden, growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Forensic Science

If you have an upcoming CSI addict, you might consider hosting an elective class that teaches forensic science.


Teaching your kids the basics of coding before they enter college is a great way to give your teen a head start.


Mythology is a fun elective idea. Take a semester to learn about different Greek and Roman gods and myths.

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