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Homeschool Electives

Homeschool electives are excellent ways to boost learning at home – for all ages! Make the most of your learning adventures at home with electives that follow interests, add enrichment, and weave fun in to your day.

The best time to teach a new language is before a child is eight, but it's excellent for all ages. Oh, and make sure to check your state’s homeschool requirements to see if a foreign language is a must for high school.

Foreign Language

A must-have elective for kids. Your kids should learn how to balance a checkbook, how to avoid gathering too much debt, and how to file taxes. These types of life skills are essential for the future success of your kids!

Personal Finance

It’s great for kids to learn how to work with their hands. Completing wood projects is a skill, but it also encourages creativity. Kids can create picnic tables, bookshelves, picture frames, or whatever they want to make.

Wood Shop

You can teach kids of all ages how to plan and plant a garden. Young kids and teens alike should know how to tend to plants. It’s an introductory botany lesson that extends to real life.

Gardening for Real-Life Electives

Many homeschool families work with a local theater to participate in different plays and musicals. This activity is an excellent way for your teenagers to get exposure to the theater. Oh, and your kids can even participate in online theater clubs!

Theater & Music

Coding Teaching the basics of coding before they enter college is a great way to give your teen a head start.

Web Design Offer a class to help your teen learn how to create their own website with a custom design using simple software.

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