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Fall Mindfulness Activities for Kids

To help your kids have a smooth shift back into Fall, find out why these free printable fall mindfulness activities are excellent ways to learn and practice growth mindset skills.

Kids, unfortunately, struggle with stress, anger, frustration, and more no matter what season it is. These Fall mindfulness activities for kids are fantastic ways to introduce your kids to gentle yet powerful growth mindset practices.

The great news is that teaching mindfulness activities don’t have to be hard! In this free printable pack, you’ll get 10 mindfulness activities featuring Fall foliage. Gentle instructions guide your kids through exercises designed to calm and redirect.

As your child slowly traces the lines of these colorful leaves, they will use their breath to work on affirmations, gain self-control, and release frustration.

Deep breaths can be so helpful in dealing with emotions like sadness, anger, and stress.

Your child can use their fingers or other tools (like crayons, pens, and pencils) to trace the Fall-themed shapes. The texture of a crayon can be very soothing. You can set a timer for each exercise or just let your kids go with the guided meditation and exercise.

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