First Day Ideas

Fun Back To Homeschool

I love to get ready for a fun start to a new year of homeschooling with my five boys. Here’s our growing list of back to homeschool first-day fun ideas! These activities are feasible for large homeschool families with a variety of ages and stages.

Surprise them with a favorite breakfast menu!

Food is a common way to connect and create special memories. You can get your kids involved in preparing your morning meal on your first day of homeschool (and beyond).

Hide your kids’ school supplies and give them clues (or a map!) Finding these treasures can excite students of all ages. (For bonus fun, have your kids hide YOUR school supplies. Super fun!)

School Supplies Treasure Hunt

Design a homeschool vision board with your kids. A fantastic way to create and work on homeschool goals with visual reminders!

Homeschool Vision Board

Work with your kids to design an obstacle course. We have fun with these activities all year. We use pillows, stuffed animals, cones, toys, chairs, or natural landmarks like trees.

Obstacle Course-indoor or outdoor!

• Face Paint • Set up a "food" or "drink" bar • Make handprint art • Brainstorm fun themes • Poetry teatime

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