Fun Free Flower Scavenger Hunt

A flower scavenger hunt is a super fun activity to enjoy with your kids. This free printable scavenger hunt gets you outside as you build observation skills and more.

If you can’t get outdoors, no worries! You’ll find creative ideas for enjoying this flower-themed activity indoors, too.

Put together the excitement of a scavenger hunt with observing and discovering different parts of nature, you’re able to take learning to the next level.

This free printable flower scavenger hunt is on one page.

This scavenger hunt for kids features flowers, including: – Dandelion – Buttercup – Foxgloves – Apple Blossom – Sunflower – Tulip  - and MORE!

You’ll also find 2 bonus activity prompts: Stop & smell the roses! How many different colored flowers have you seen?

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