Fun Supplemental Curriculum

If you’re looking for easy-to-use and effective homeschool resources to boost your learn at-home adventures, you’re in for a treat!

Keep clicking to find out more about this cool curriculum companion for grades preK-12 and how you can join all the learning fun.

Elegphango is an online learning platform that provides homeschool resources and lessons for grades preK-12.

These online lessons and resources are broken down by: Subject Grade Level Learning Style Personality Style Content Type and MORE!

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t sweat it. You can customize the learning experience for each of your students by selecting favorites based on grade level, interests, and subjects.

A super cool feature is that your students can earn badges for their work. Kind of like online stickers for jobs well done

There’s a Chrome extension that creates a safe search Google landing page where kids can search both Elephango and Google in safety.

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