Potato Stamps For An Easy Patriotic Craft

Simple materials and adaptability to all ages makes it a winner.  DIY and frugal, this craft will be a fantastic way for your kids to add their patriotic flair to your summer decor.

– potatoes – knife – cutting board – paper, foam sheet, or other material to stamp on – tempera paint – foam or regular paint brush (optional)


Star potato stamps seemed the logical choice. Straight cuts a few times with a knife and voilá!

I highly recommend that adults create these potato stamps. Plastic knives may be an option.

1. Cut  potato into thirds. 2. Start to make about 1/2″ deep cuts about 1/3 way into potato. 3. Continue going around edge of potato to form star shape.

Dip star potato stamp into paint (or use foam brush to apply pain to stamp).

Press stamp onto paper and watch your patriotic craft come to life!

You may want to consider different materials to stamp on.  A few materials that would  be fun to work with include burlap, wood, cardboard, and cloth.

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