Fun Way to Help Kids Be Thankful & More

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This gratitude scavenger hunt is a simple yet creative way to help your kids practice thankfulness and appreciation. You can use this free printable scavenger hunt with gratitude themes with a variety of ages.

I’m always looking for and creating new ways to give our kids opportunities to flex their creativity, positivity, and learning fun. So, I’m super excited to share this free printable gratitude scavenger hunt with you!

This scavenger hunt has 14 prompts with gratitude themes. Your child is prompted to find:

Something I like to wear My favorite book Something I am thankful for My favorite food My favorite toy

– Physically get each itemDraw their answer to the gratitude prompt – Write down their answer to the prompt – Talk about their answers

You have a few options for completing the prompts.  Your child can:

Photo album  – Vision boardJournalVideoPortfolio of creative work (writing, drawing, painting, etc.)

A few ideas for gratitude-themed projects:

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