Harry Potter-Inspired Patronus Picker for Magical Fun

Your Potterheads will have a blast using this Harry Potter-Inspired origami cootie catcher to discover their Patronus.

What is a Patronus & Why Pick One?

A Patronus is basically a positive force of energy that acts as a shield from a Dementor.

Since my five boys and I think cootie catchers are a blast, I decided to create a Patronus Picker cootie catcher.

This free printable Patronus Picker is quite easy to use.

Pick one of the top symbols (wand, cauldron, sorting hat, or broom) and spell out its name as you shift the cootie catcher back and forth.

This Harry Potter-Inspired cootie catcher includes one printable page in black and white.

You may print out as many copies of this Patronus Picker as you need to enjoy with your Harry Potter fans.

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