Perler Beads Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly perler bead crafts are brilliant ways to enjoy creative fun with kids.

These free printable templates make it super easy to create these beautiful crafts featuring butterflies.

Ways to use these adorable butterfly crafts are: – butterfly parties – rainy day fun – brain breaks – boredom busters – just because

This free printable pack of butterfly perler bead patterns has 1 page (plus terms of use page) and features 9 symbols.

The butterfly symbols with perler bead patterns included in this set are: – 1 small butterfly (pink) – 2 small butterflies (purple and blue) – 1 large butterfly (purple, blue, and pink) – 2 multi-colored hearts – 3 small flowers (or stars)

My top tip is to have ALL of your materials prepared and organized.

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