Perler Bead Pattern: How to Make a Fun Haunted House

Find out more about this free printable Halloween haunted house perler bead craft and get your set today!

Looking for simple yet special ways to celebrate Halloween with your kids? Try this perler bead craft!

Perler Beads Craft + Halloween = Hands-On Holiday Fun

Some different ways to use these hands-on Halloween crafts are:

– celebrate Halloween – Halloween party – rainy day fun – brain breaks – boredom busters – library craft – frugal gifts – just because

This free printable pack of Halloween perler bead patterns features a Haunted House scene. There is one pattern on one page.

This cute Haunted House scene includes a spooky house with towers, windows, and door. Also, there are two jack o’lanterns, as well as a bat in front of the moon.

If you don’t have the exact colors, please don’t worry. Use what colors you have and make your Halloween Haunted House unique!

Enjoy as a fun activity during your party. OR send kids home with a DIY kit with the free printable pattern and pieces to make their own!

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