Playdough Emotion Activities

Find out more about these playdough activities for kids and get creative ideas for using with your kids to boost learning and learn essential life skills.

Hands-on activities make abstract concepts, like feelings, easier to understand and apply to real-life situations.

Hands-on activities give your kids something to focus on while chatting about different emotions and situations.

With this free pack of 15 free playdough emotions activities, I suggest that you take steps to extend their use.

You can laminate your printables OR use dry erase pocket sleeves so your kids can use these activities again and again!

Use these playdough emotions activities as conversation starters or writing prompts for simple words, sentences, or have your kids tell you a story and you jot it down for them

This FREE printables pack includes 15 pages of emotions activities with: – I feel….PROUD – I feel…WORRIED – I feel…HURT – I feel…LONELY – I feel…EXCITED – I feel…LOVED – I feel…BORED – I feel…SHY – I feel…ANGRY – I feel…SCARED – I feel…SURPRISED – I feel…TIRED – I feel…HAPPY – I feel…SAD

And More!

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