Printable Project Planner Pack

This project planner printable pack is full of fantastic tools to help your kids get started with designs and creative activities.

Find a variety of pages  to map out, create, test, and evaluate projects for all sorts of subjects, interests, and themes.

Project-based learning is an amazing way to provide your students with creative ways to learn and grow.

These projects can be guided with specific questions to spark a learning adventure. Or your students can take off with their interests, explore areas of curiosity, or do a project just because.

These project planner pages include features that prompt your kids to figure out materials, possible obstacles, and assess what worked and what needs tweaked.

These projects can be for actual creation OR for imaginative use.

Cool Project Ideas for Kids 1. Make a diorama 2. Create a cartoon character (and cartoon strip) 3. Design a board game 4. Make an app 5. Claymation video 6. Stop-motion video AND MORE!

The project planner pages are: – Name & Start Date – Project Name – Design Brief (description) – Deadline – Objective – Resources – Action Plan Checklist – My idea bank AND MORE!

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